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Jeff Lewis' First Relationship After His Break-Up with Gage Edward Is Already Over

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis said he was "dumped" by the chiropractor he had been seeing after three dates.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis is single once again.

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The Flipping Out designer revealed that he had been "dumped" by a man he had recently begun seeing following the end of his decade-long relationship with partner Gage Edward during the March 15 episode of his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live. “I’ve got some bad news for everybody. The chiropractor dumped me last night,” Jeff said, as reported by PEOPLE. “I tried really hard to put that back together, but it just kept going on and on and on. But I apologized and I was accountable.”

Jeff and the chiropractor, whom he agreed not to name and to keep “anything romantic or sexual" that happened between them private, had gone on three dates and were supposed to go on a fourth. Though Jeff said that the chiropractor hadn't listened to his radio show, he did text him a link to a story about the comments he made about their relationship, writing, "Interesting article." “He kept saying I was upset and I feel like the trust was broken,” Jeff said on his radio show. “He was like, ‘You should have just gone over these issues with me even before you talked about me on the radio.’ But I was thinking about that last night. If I’m talking about it before I talk about it on the radio, it feels like a dress rehearsal to me. I want to just be here and be present and talk about what’s on my mind without rehearsing it.”

In spite of this argument, Jeff said that the chiropractor was actually open to still going on a fourth date, but the man allegedly noted, “We will not be going to my apartment after. I’m just making that clear.”

That text reminded Jeff of how Gage apparently handled their couples spats during their relationship. “So he’s withholding sex. Is that what’s happening?” Jeff said. “Because I went through that for 10 years and I don’t wanna do that anymore. Where somebody gets mad at me and they don’t wanna hook up, so they go into the guest room. I don’t wanna do it. And then they’re mad for like three days.”

Jeff said that he "took responsibility" for talking about the chiropractor on the radio but said that he didn't want to continue to be "beat up" about it when they went out, so he suggested they reschedule their date. But Jeff claimed that his date told him "there is no need to reschedule." “He said, ‘I want to clarify this in person,’ and I said, ‘You need to process this and I respect that and I’m sorry I hurt you,'” Jeff explained. “He said, ‘We’ll talk about it later.’ But then we didn’t talk about it later. All I got later was, ‘I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow night.'”

Jeff added, “I got dumped. But what are you gonna do?”

Following the January 31 announcement that Jeff and Gage had separated, Gage quickly got back into the dating game. Jeff also soon began dabbling in online dating.

By the end of February, Jeff and Gage had officially called it quits. The Flipping Out designer said that he had moved on completely, and he wasn't about to look back. “This is my prediction,” Jeff said while talking about the possibility of getting back together with Gage during the March 14 episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “Like every other boyfriend I’ve ever had, my prediction is in six months, [Gage’s] relationship will implode — or sooner — he’ll realize that the fantasy relationship isn’t what he thought it would be, and he’ll come back crying. And when he does, I will have already been, not only moved on — I’ll probably be remarried by then.”

Look back on Jeff and Gage's relationship, below.

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