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Jesse Lally Defends Michelle Lally from "Sexy Photos" Rumors: "I Don't Give a Sh-t"

“Jesse’s very well aware. He knows everything,” Michelle Saniei Lally insisted when confronted about rumors she was texting other men.

By Jill Sederstrom

Has the rumor that Michelle Saniei Lally has been texting “sexy pictures” to a famous “celebrity” been much ado about nothing? 

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That’s what Michelle would have you believe.

After weeks of whispers among her cast mates, Michelle is finally setting the record straight in an all-new preview of Season 1, Episode 10 of The Valley, explaining for the first time on the series just what all that texting was about and insisting husband Jesse Lally already knows “everything.”

Was Michelle Saniei Lally cheating with a celebrity?

In a conversation with Jax Taylor, Michelle denied sending “sexy pictures” to anyone and insisted that her text chatter with the Hollywood elite was just for work as a real estate agent.

 “Jesse’s very well aware. He knows everything,” she told Jax. “I’m the kind of person where let’s say I meet a celebrity, I get really excited because I see them as, like, a possibility that they could be a client or stuff like that. So, I’m always calling, texting, emailing, meeting for coffee.” 

The explanation may have sounded reasonable enough, but Jax wasn’t easily swayed by the explanation, saying the rumors he heard from Kristen Doute were “a little different.” 

“She was like, ‘She’s sending him pictures of her in dresses,’ and you look sexy, you look hot. It was basically everything not related to work,” he pushed as the two sat on the deck at the group’s vacation rental in Big Bear, where they were celebrating Janet and Jason Caperna’s babymoon.

“OK, well, that’s wrong,” Michelle replied. 

What started the texting rumors about Michelle Saniei Lally? 

The juicy rumors were cooked up earlier in the season after Kristen announced that she was “protecting” Michelle by keeping a damaging secret about the mom of one.

A split of Kristen Doute and Michelle Lally.

That protection must not have been ironclad, however, because before long, gossip began to swirl that Michelle was texting an unnamed famous “director.” 

“Jesse still doesn't know Kristen told me that Michelle was texting somebody on the side,” Jax told Jason and Danny Booko earlier in the trip as an unsuspecting Jesse aimlessly floated on an inner tube on the lake.  

“Why are we like sneaking around like little b-tches?” Jason asked in Episode 9. “Like, If we have some information that our friend should know we should f-cking tell him straight to his face.” 

Jesse Lally defends Michelle Lally against cheating rumors

Jax seemingly took Jason’s words to heart, but instead of pulling his close friend aside, he confronted Michelle about the rumors in an awkward one-on-one conversation.


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“Everybody here f-cking knows. They all know. Jesse’s the only one who doesn’t know this,” Jax told her. 

“No, Jesse knows everything,” she insisted. “He’s my husband.” 

According to Michelle, the only thing Jesse didn’t know about was the “sexy pictures” rumor because she insisted it was “not true.”

 “I am shocked about these nonsense accusations,” she said in her confessional. “Maybe Jax is stirring up some sh-t because people are realizing that he has marital issues himself.”

Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally sitting on a grass lawn together

With everything out on the table, Jax agreed to leave the issue with Michelle, but was soon drawn back into the controversy after Michelle went upstairs to go speak to Jesse. 

As soon as Jesse learned Jax had been involved, he called him up to the room to go directly to the source and avoid the “telephone game” — and Michelle and Jax each offered up their own perspective.

“Kristen said that there was this guy that I was texting and then she said that I was doing more than texting and I basically laughed,” Michelle began. “Kristen’s not a businesswoman. She doesn’t understand the concept of networking.”

"Forget about networking,” Jesse said, cutting her off and then turning to Jax. “So, what are you saying that she said?” 

Jax clearly looked uncomfortable before he finally told Jesse he heard Michelle and the unnamed celeb were sending “sexual pictures” to each other.

“It wasn’t about real estate,” he added.

Michelle continued to insist she never sent anyone sexy photos and Jesse surprisingly took the rumor in stride. 

“Do you guys see how affected I am by this right now? I dont’ give a sh-t who she talks to,” he told Jax and Michelle. “I’m not a jealous person. Let’s just move on.”

He seemed content just to write Michelle’s texting off as a networking strategy.

“Kristen has never had a job in her life except for selling sh-tty t-shirts. I don’t think she understands farming new leads for business and I mean I literally send Michelle into a room and say go talk to those five guys and get their phone numbers,” he said in his confessional.

Jesse clearly didn’t seem to be losing any sleep over the gossip—but not everyone was convinced Michelle was offering up the whole story.

“I would lose my sh-t if I found out Brittany was texting other men,” Jax told producers. “Now, I’m thinking something’s up. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.”

To find out how whether Jesse will just “move on” like he claimed, tune in to The Valley Tuesday nights on Bravo or available streaming the next day on Peacock.

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