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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New York City

Jessel Taank on New Drama with RHONY Women: "Mean Girl Bullsh-t"

It was all-out war between the New York Housewives following last episode's "awkward" lunch.

By Jax Miller

It looks like The Real Housewives of New York City’s Sai De Silva might have earned a permanent spot in Jessel Taank’s burn book… or her Al Capone list.

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The women and their husbands gathered for drinks, guac, and miniature golf at New York City’s Swingers Crazy Golf, and at the forefront of discussion was the women’s chilly lunch date from RHONY Season 14, Episode 12. Tensions have simmered ever since, though it hasn’t stopped Sai from griping about the meeting with Erin Lichy in the recent Episode 13.

“That was the most awkward f-cking lunch I ever had,” said Sai.

Jessel Taank and Sai De Silva's Drama, Explained

Jessel hoped to iron things out following their girls’ trip drama in Anguilla when Sai accused Jessel of exaggerating her backstory to match Sai’s tough upbringing. During the RHONY Episode 12 lunch, things went pear-shaped for Sai when Jessel — who had apologized for trying to compare struggles — brought up the death of Sai’s mother as a jumping-off point to bring up her own uncle’s passing.

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Sai compared the topics to “apples and oranges” and abruptly left what Jessel hoped would be a “relaxing” lunch.

Jessel Taank sits as a guest on WWHL.

“It was definitely not what I expected,” Jessel told Erin in the recent episode. “I felt like her energy was very cold and almost negative towards me, and I honestly don’t know what I’ve done.”

At the couples’ get-together at Swingers, Sai returned from the ladies’ room to join the conversation about her and Jessel’s lunch, which Sai called a waste of time and something that “could have been a phone call.”

“Obviously, there’s tension in the air,” Jessel told RHONY producers. “I really don’t know where this animosity is coming from. I mean, honestly, I think Sai maybe doesn’t like me because I dress better than her.”

“I was upset because you’re not understanding what we’re saying to you,” Sai told Jessel. “It’s like nothing is making sense.”

Sai maintained she was “super offended” by Jessel bringing up Sai’s mother, though Jessel said she had only hoped her story about her uncle could “relate” to Sai’s.

“I am honestly blown away,” Jessel told RHONY producers. “Being offended that I shared a story about my uncle who went through a really hard time and eventually passed away… I have no words.”

The women grew louder when Sai accused Jessel of lying about the timing of her husband, Pavit Randhawa’s, upcoming trip to Vietnam. Later, in a side convo with Sai, Erin also called Jessel “such a liar.”

“I seriously am so over this mean girl sh-t, and it is mean girl sh-t,” said Jessel. “It’s draining.”

Jessel said it was hard to open up because every time she had, Sai and Erin — whom Jessel referred to as Sai’s “f-cking pet parrot”— attacked everything she said.

Split image of Sai De Silva and Jessel Taank

“Quite frankly, I never met, in my life, anyone that lacks the amount of empathy that she lacks in this moment,” said Jessel. “And by the way, she hasn’t seen this bitch yet. I’ve been very P.C. [politically correct].”

It could be why Jessel recently said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that Sai replaced Erin as being the most prominent person on her Al Capone list.

Jessel says she feels “targeted”

Sai and Erin have remained critical of Jessel’s claims, even earlier in the episode when questioning whether Jessel had actually been intimate with her husband for the first time since the birth of their twin sons.

Jessel recently acknowledged to The Daily Dish ahead of filming the RHONY Season 14 Reunion that her sex life was “obviously a lot of everyone’s storyline.”

Later, Brynn Whitfield and Jenna Lyons — neither of whom were at the couples’ date —  joined Jessel and Pavit at their Chelsea home. Brynn admitted to “stirring the pot” when mentioning that Sai and Erin had been talking about the date behind Jessel’s back.

According to Brynn, Sai and Erin also gossiped about Pavit not wearing his wedding ring, something Jessel defended.

Brynn suggested Jessel work harder to stand up for herself, while Jessel became tearful about the “mean girl bullying sh-t,” adding, “This is just targeting.”

“How people treat you is a direct reflection of what you’ve given them permission to do,” Brynn told Jessel. “So, it’s not the end of it.”

Watch as the drama continues on The Real Housewives of New York City, airing Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo and streaming the following day on Peacock.

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