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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

The Ladies of London Clap Back at Internet Haters — and Each Other

Spoiler alert: Juliet Angus calls out Marissa Hermer. 

By Rachael Roberts
Ladies of London Call Out Internet Haters

British tabloids are known for being some of the harshest critics around — in the words of Caroline Stanbury, "It's England, it's what we do." So it's no surprise that our Ladies of London have encountered a fair amount of internet trolls over the years. Luckily, the British ladies are experts at executing the stiff uppper lip. When asked about the worst comments they've ever read about themselves, our Brits — and one Denmark gal! — calmly addressed the hate. Caroline Fleming clarified that she is not, in fact, pregnant, while newest cast member Sophie Stanbury faced the criticism about her partying head-on (sure, she likes to let that gorgeous hair down, but she's a "mum" first and foremost).

The Americans on the other hand...didn't handle things so well. Julie Montagu perhaps did the best as she lamented her "yellow hair" from season's past, joking that she hopes the lighting person was fired. Meanwhile, a woeful Juliet Angus described her reaction to internet backlash. "I have to put myself in a very dark room without any other noise because I'm such an emotional basketcase," she said. Marissa Hermer, equally dismayed, explained, "The first time I read the comments...was probably the last time I've ever read the comments."

But the most shocking criticism wasn't from the internet or press, but from the ladies themselves. Juliet called out former bestie Marissa as she pulled up the worst thing she's read about herself on her phone. "Oh that wasn't very nice when Marissa said, 'I don't think Juliet is aware of all the friendships she has annihiliated as she climbs further up Caroline's ass.' She should know a thing or two about annihilated friendships," Juliet said. Ouch, remember when these two decided to be civil to one another after a painful friendship breakup?

Juliet and Marissa Go From BFF to F

Looks like the detente between these Americans is over for the new season. And we can't wait. 

On Season 3 of Ladies of London...

Ladies of London premieres Tuesday November 29th at 10/9c. 

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