Does Kate Chastain Still Keep in Touch with "Hot Jesus"?

Does Kate Chastain Still Keep in Touch with "Hot Jesus"?

"It was like a gift from Heaven," the #BelowDeck chief stew said of the sailor.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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Does Kate Chastain Keep in Touch with "Hot Jesus"?

Kate Chastain bumped into a special someone during Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck. The chief stew got cozy with a Swedish sailor named Morton, whom she lovingly referred to as "Hot Jesus." 

We don't exactly know what happened between Kate and "Hot Jesus" on his boat or after they had a drink out with the Valor crew, but the Below Deck chief stew only had the nicest things to say about the sailor when The Daily Dish caught up with her earlier this month. "It was like a gift from Heaven; he just showed up out of nowhere. He was cute, he was smart, and it was just really nice to get away from the boat, because I felt like I was working extra hard to make up for the green crew, and I deserved a little break," Kate gushed. "There he was."

Kate confirmed to The Daily Dish that she "did enjoy his company." So have the two spoken since that night out on the town, and is there any chance that this romance could have legs on land? The Below Deck chief stew reveals all in the video, above. 

"Hot Jesus" even gave Kate some valuable advice when it comes to leading her group of green stewardesses this season of Below Deck. Kate reveals his words of wisdom in the latest episode of The Daily Dish podcast, which you can to listen, below.

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