Amy Johnson Says Brother Kelley Has "No Game Whatsoever" with the Ladies

Amy Johnson Says Brother Kelley Has "No Game Whatsoever" with the Ladies

The #BelowDeck alum thinks the bosun could really use some help in the romance department.

By Laura Rosenfeld
It's a #BelowDeck Love Triangle

Amy Johnson may not be a part of the Valor crew, but she certainly still has some opinions on this season of Below Deck, especially when it comes to her brother Kelley Johnson and the little flirtmance he's got going on with Emily Warburton-Adams. 

After a monthlong absence, which might be due to the fact that she's been busy working on a yacht with her boyfriend these days, Amy returned to Twitter to live tweet Tuesday night's new episode of Below Deck, and it did not disappoint. As Kelley made some subtle-yet-stronger moves on Emily as the crew had some fun in the sun on Scrub Island, Amy was not at all pleased with what she saw. "Oh kelllll... Just Bc she massaged your back with sunscreen doesn't mean you have a green light," Amy tweeted, adding "#haveitaughtyounothing."


Amy also agreed with one fan that Kelley is "clueless" when it comes to women. "No game whatsoever," she tweeted in response. "It's one of his best qualities but hard to watch."


That's why Emily needs to tell Kelley if she's not interested, according to Amy. "Emily!! Tell Kell to get OFF your lap if you're not into it," she wrote. "He doesn't pick up on signs."


Emily agreed she "should have" done that. "I'm not very good at being blunt, clearly! Sorry Kel," she tweeted in response to Amy.


Kelley also agreed that his "read" on Emily was "way wrong."


To which Emily replied that she's "not the easiest to read."

Still, Amy is doing more smiling than cringing while watching her baby bro on Below Deck this season. "Tender hearted. Always 100% genuine," Amy said of Kelley on Twitter Tuesday. "I adore him as well. He's the best brother."


Keep on feeling this Below Deck sibling love by reliving this touching moment from Season 2, below.

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