Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Really Feels About Former Bestie Blac Chyna

Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Really Feels About Former Bestie Blac Chyna

And she shared it all with her brother, AKA Chyna's boyfriend, Rob Kardashian.

By Jocelyn Vena

Remember that time Blac Chyna left Rob Kardashian and gave him a one-year ultimatum to get his life together? Well, we're finally going to get to see that turmoil unfold before our very eyes on Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- and in the process, we'll learn how Kim Kardashian really feels about her brother dating her former BFF.

In a preview from a new episode of KUWTK, Kim stops by the home Rob and Blac Chyna were sharing at the time of the drama to check in with him after he Snapchatted about the incident to make sure he's doing OK. She notes that she thinks her one-time pal might be up to something. "I’ve always been super cool with her,” she says in the preview (below). “I have a different relationship with her than what you guys have with Kylie [Jenner] and I always hear her out and stuff, but just seeing the motives is, like, what’s hurtful... She'll never tell you."

Rob and Blac Chyna's relationship has certainly not been short on drama since they met. They began dating in January 2016 and were engaged by April. They welcomed their first child together, Dream, in November. In between and even since then, they've experienced many highs and lows, which Kim touches on in the episode. “I’ve always felt like them as a couple just isn’t that healthy, and I think they know that, too. It’s not, like, some secret. Rob can be really irrational and he just has to learn to really take responsibility for himself and not blame it on Chyna,” she says. "This just all has to stop... It’s so clear what this relationship is, and they’re just not meant to be with each other.”

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