Kyle Richards: I'm Very Proud of Kim

Kyle Richards: I'm Very Proud of Kim

"We're all just very happy," the RHOBH star says.

By Lauren Metz

As part one of this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion premiered last night, fans couldn't help but think as much about the cast members clashing on stage as the one who was noticeably absent - Kim Richards.

Kim sat out the reunion, focusing instead on facing her alcohol addiction, and sister Kyle Richards reports that she's "healthy and strong" and that their relationship is growing stronger as well.

Kyle recently told Good Morning America that Kim's decision to get treatment was based on "an accumulation of things," and that it was very much Kim's decision. "It was our family and sitting down, and she really felt it was time. I have to give her credit for making that decision on her own."

And after Kim made that decision and pursued treatment, Kyle says she couldn't be more pleased with her sister's back-on-track progress. "I'm proud of her. I know that's the biggest step in recovery, to admit that."

And now their often-strained relationship is likewise on the mend. "I am coming from a very different place now because my sister Kim is now sober. I am proud, happy, and relieved that she took the initiative to go get the help she needed," Kyle wrote in her blog. "I know there are many moments she regrets, but I don't want her to beat herself up over them. What matters now is that she is healthy and strong and she needs to stay that way."

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