Which Lisa Does Kyle Richards Trust More: Lisa Vanderpump or Lisa Rinna?

Which Lisa Does Kyle Richards Trust More: Lisa Vanderpump or Lisa Rinna?

The #RHOBH mom has gotten off the hook for this question before, but not today!

By Megan Segura

Portia Umansky spoke for all The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans during a particular Season 5 episode when she asked her mom, Kyle Richards, which Lisa was better. Kyle may have gotten off the hook then when it came to choosing between Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna then, but she wasn't so lucky during a recent interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish podcast.

"I almost died when she said that," says Kyle. "It was so funny, and you could hear the cameramen laugh, because it’s hilarious...I was hoping they weren’t going to use it, [but] of course they used it. They both teased her endlessly about that. Lisa Vanderpump was like, ‘How could you say that, Porshy?’ and Lisa Rinna was like, ‘Give me five.’"

So of the two Beverly Hills Housewives, which Lisa does Kyle trust more?

"Obviously Lisa Vanderpump. We’re in a very good place, and she wouldn’t talk like that about my sister, Kim."

Kyle is, of course, referring to the most recent accusations of Lisa Rinna saying Kim Richards is "near death."

"It’s hard with Lisa Rinna. I don’t like the things she said, I really don’t. She has told me, 'I’m not going to talk like that about your sister again, and I apologize and it was wrong.' I’m the kind of person if you say it to me, I believe you, and I forgive, and I move on. Then it happens again and you’re like, 'Oh my gosh.' But it’s hard because I actually like Lisa Rinna. If I didn’t like her it would be very easy: done, goodbye, walk away. But I need her to stop doing all those things, because don’t make me have to choose between my sister and you, because obviously we know what that choice is going to be. There’s one answer to that question."

To hear more from Kyle (and how being on a TV show has tested her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump), listen to the full episode below:

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