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Lexi Wilson Opens Up About Her Apology to the Crew and Continuing with the Charter Season

The Below Deck Med stew reflects on the aftermath of the crew drama, including her conversation with Malia White.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Lexi Wilson Argument Apology Bdm

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew experienced some major conflict when a night that started out with a disagreement after dinner culminated in an argument in the hot tub, followed by drama in the crew mess.

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Lexi Wilson opened up about the aftermath of that night featured in the August 2 episode of Below Deck Med during a recent interview with Bravo Insider. "I couldn’t really remember, to be honest, a lot of things," Lexi recalled of how she was feeling the day after the crew's night off. "But I do remember speaking to Captain Sandy [Yawn]. And she was just like, 'If you don’t remember what you said, just basically do like a general apology.'"

Upon hearing Lexi recount the "little spat" that transpired the night before, Captain Sandy also advised the second stew that "if you just stick to the truth, people are reasonable."

Those were words that Lexi took to heart. "I think it was good advice," she told Bravo Insider. "Even if you don’t know what’s going on, take ownership and just own it and apologize. And then give people breathing room to accept the apology."

Lexi said that she knew she needed to apologize at that point, but it was also important to her that it came from a genuine place. "I want to be authentic. I don’t want to give, like, a BS apology. You know when people are in the wrong, and they give that fake apology? I don’t want to do that," she said. "So I was just like, I need to process what happened, you know, figure out what happened first. And then make a proper apology, not a fake one. And so that’s where I was at."

Captain Sandy later called a crew meeting "to allow Lexi an opportunity to own it and to be able to have that second chance." As the crew filled Lexi in on what happened the night before, she ultimately apologized for her actions and said that she and Malia White would speak separately. "I think it was OK. It probably could have been better, I guess, from my end, for sure," Lexi said of that meeting. "Like, for me, right there and then, I felt like it was OK, 'cause I was still, I think, very hungover. Really. But yeah, I definitely felt like if it was later in the day and I had processed everything, it definitely could have went a bit better."

Lexi and Malia would later have their own one-on-one about the previous night's drama in their cabin. The stew expressed that she still felt like Malia had not been completely genuine when she comforted her about her dad earlier this season, although the bosun assured her, "I was being very genuine." 

"I tried to, like, smooth it over," Lexi said of that conversation with Malia. "I felt like I just wanted to let her know I generally didn’t feel like she was sincere. And I still stand on that 'til this day. And if she was, then I apologize. But I really didn’t feel that way." 

As someone who describes herself as being "big on energy," Lexi explained that when Malia consoled her about her father in their cabin, "It didn’t feel genuine; it did not feel real." To Lexi, that moment "was just odd." "When someone’s talking to me or embracing me, I literally wake up, I speak to them," she added. "If you can tell from the episode, I didn’t acknowledge her. I just kept my covers over my head because it didn’t feel real. Like, I didn’t move my covers. I didn’t wake up to say thank you, nothing. I just was like, OK, I’m just gonna just let her talk and finish what she had to say."

However, Lexi did feel sorry for her other interactions with Malia during the crew's night off. "I felt like I should apologize, you know, [for] obviously screaming at her and saying some mean things," she said. "That was not called for and definitely [should] be apologized [for]. That should have happened."

Also hoping to get the crew back on track was Katie Flood, who Lexi said was trying "to repair the damage" from the night before, although walking in on the chief stew and Malia talking about her in their cabin "felt odd." "'Cause if you wanted to discuss something, you could have called a meeting and said, 'Hey, Lexi, this is BS. I don’t feel right,'" Lexi said. "But like, not in my cabin where I sleep and hang out. So it was odd."

Katie later spoke to Lexi individually in the galley. "The way I was approached, I didn’t like it. But I get what she was trying to do. You know, she’s the chief stew, she was trying to bring the group together. I get [it] from her end," Lexi said. "But I felt like the way it was done was odd to me."

Even though Lexi called her mom and told her that she was "quitting this boat," the stew ultimately decided to stay on the Lady Michelle. Lexi said that her mom was a big part of the reason why she didn't leave that day. "She was just like, 'You need to finish your work, and you definitely don’t want to be a quitter.' And so my mom was probably the biggest part of that," she shared. "And then I also thought about, like, at the end of the day, this is a job. Let’s just finish the charter, 'cause everyone is working for money. That’s the end goal. People do charter seasons for money. And you don’t really want to piss off crew more and quit, and then they have to run with a short team." 

"So I just felt like if you just show up and work and get over it, that will at least smooth over the way they feel about you if you just do your job," Lexi continued.

Captain Sandy also asked Katie to give Lexi a second chance and "reset with her." The captain even told Lexi, "I believe in you," as the crew waited on the dock for the next group of charter guests to arrive. "I guess when you’ve been a captain for so long, you understand that people have a lot of things going on. That’s not an excuse for anyone to act a certain way. But it’s pretty, I guess, cool and understanding that she’s understanding of, like, humans," Lexi said of Captain Sandy. "But it was good that she at least believes in giving people a second chance."

When it came to putting everything aside to just focus on the next charter, Lexi said, "I can get over things really quick, actually." She said that she "was pretty confident" that she could move forward with the crew at that point, too. "There’s always gonna be some sort of, like, animosity," she said. "But if I can at least smooth them over for the charter, then we’ll all be good."

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