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10 Things You Didn't Know About Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd's Relationship

Here's why the #RHOBH and #PumpRules couple gives us some serious relationship envy.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Renewing the Vows

Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken Todd is almost as much a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as his wife. Not only is that due to the fact that the couple works together, running a bar and restaurant empire, but it's also because you don't get to more than 30 years of marriage without taking an interest in all aspects of your wife's life.

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That's right. Rarely do we see Lisa without Ken by her side, whether it's to support her during an RHOBH feud, help whip those Vanderpump Rules SURvers into shape, or make sure their beloved Pomeranian Giggy is getting all of the attention he deserves. What does it really take to make your relationship as strong as Lisa and Ken's? Read on, and you'll see why the couple that works and plays together stays together.

1. They Married Six Weeks After They Met

Lisa and Ken now spend their days running restaurants and bars, and that's exactly where they started. In 1982, Lisa decided to man the door of Corks, a bar Ken owned located in London's Kensington neighborhood. "She was like a breath of fresh air coming into my life," Ken told the London Evening Standard in 2002 about his first encounter with Lisa that night. "I thought, hello, he looks interesting," Lisa told the newspaper. At the time, Ken was 37 and Lisa was 21, but the age difference didn't seem to matter at all. The couple was married only six weeks later.

2. Lisa Isn't Ken's First Wife

Ken was married before he met Lisa to a woman named Pamela Todd. Ken revealed that the marriage "didn't last very long" in a Season 3 episode of RHOBH when he and Lisa met up with his son Warren Todd during a trip to Saint-Tropez. Ken said he had sole custody of his son Warren and raised him by himself from the time that he was two years old. When Lisa married Ken, not only did she have to get used to having a stepson who was only a few years younger than her, but during the episode, she also spoke about how it took some getting used to the fact that he married her friend Sue Vanner, a former actress who appeared in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. However, they all seem to be on good terms these days, as we saw during their lovely time in the south of France.

3. They've Been in Business Together for a While

The SUR guys

A photo posted by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

Though we know Lisa and Ken as the proud owners of SUR, Villa Blanca, and PUMP in California, they cut their teeth with a slew of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in London. Some of the successful businesses they owned in the English capital include a gay bar called Shadow Lounge, the cocktail-focused Bar Soho, and a Cheers-themed bar. Lisa and Ken even sold four bars to Trocadero group in 1998 for £10.5 million. Clearly, Lisa and Ken can turn any kind of business into a success.

4. This is Why They're Perfect Business Partners

Though Lisa and Ken get along swimmingly, it's their differences that actually make them such brilliant partners in life and especially in business. For instance, Lisa has always dealt with the aesthetics of their businesses, while Ken handles things like licenses, Lisa told the London Evening Standard in 2002. However, their actual personalities might not be what you'd expect considering the roles they've undertaken. "We complement each other," Lisa told the newspaper. "He's the impulsive one, I'm more conservative. He's always looking for a new venture." There's a reason the phrase "opposites attract" exists, after all. 

5. They've Partnered with Another Power Couple

Lisa and Ken are obviously very good at what they do, but even they need help sometimes. In 2005, Lisa and Ken joined couple Guillermo and Nathalie Zapata in co-owning SUR. Of course Lisa and Ken would be rolling with a couple as fierce as they are.

6. They Didn't Always Live in Beverly Hills

We know that Lisa and Ken have lived in London and Beverly Hills, but they've actually done a bit of country hopping througout their marriage. Lisa and Ken have also lived in the south of France and the English countryside. In the past, they even left Beverly Hills and moved back to England for a time, partly to raise their children Pandora and Max outside of the "'Hollywood b-s' of Los Angeles," according to the London Evening Standard, partly because of an earthquake that shook them out of bed in 1994. Lisa and Ken moved back to Beverly Hills about a decade ago, and we're sure glad they did.

7. Lisa and Ken's Sex Life is Probably Not as Bad as it Seems

Lisa often likes to say that she and Ken only get it on twice a year: on Christmas and on his birthday. However, that may not be entirely accurate. “I think it’s kind of a British humor to deflect the kind of questions about our sex life," Lisa told ABC News in 2013. "But clearly my husband would want it 10 times more than he’s getting it. What man wouldn’t, though?” Is that still TMI?

8. There's Only One Man Lisa Would Leave Ken For

And that's George Clooney, the RHOBH restaurateur told The Insider in 2011. We're sure Lisa isn't alone in that.

9. Lisa Doesn't Love Everything About Ken

Just because these two love are in love doesn't mean there aren't things they would change about each another. For one thing, Lisa would probably prefer it if Ken toned down his snoring, as evidenced by the above tweet. But then again, no one thinks snoring is cute.

10. They Love Each Other in Sickness and in Health

He is almost back...

A photo posted by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

Lisa is used to being pampered, but she was the one doing the pampering when Ken had hip replacement surgery earlier this year. Lisa took care of her hubby and cooked for him while he was recovering at home, which she informed us of on Twitter through some very sweet tweets. If that's not real love, we don't know what is.

Want to keep on feeling the love? Relive Lisa and Ken's vow renewal from RHOBH in the pics, below.

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