This Dog's House Is More Luxurious Than Yours

This Dog's House Is More Luxurious Than Yours

Prepare to be jealous of this pooch.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Gone are the days of the family pet sleeping outside in the dog house or on a pillow at the owner's bedside. One very lucky pooch has a room of her own fit for a human, or rather, a queen. 

Tom Wadsworth, a 36-year-old probation worker from Plymouth, England, converted the cupboard under the stairs in his home to a luxe lounge for his 15-month-old beagle Jessie, reports. Jessie sleeps in a four-poster bed with floral curtains, the floor is carpeted, and the walls are adorned with pink flock wallpaper, Victorian-style lanterns, and even framed, museum-worthy portraits of Jessie and other dogs all dolled up.


"[Jessie] was sleeping in a pen in the living room which was taking up quite a bit of space," Tom told about the project, which he said cost around £100. "We decided that she was old enough now to move into her own space and we had a lot of rubbish in there and I just thought why not clear it out and make it her space." 

The exterior of the room is equally charming, looking like a cottage you would find right in the middle of the English countryside with ivy crawling down the side and a bone-shaped sign designating that this is Jessie's house. And yes, there is a doggy door so Jessie can easily come and go as she pleases. 

But really, is there anywhere else she'd rather be? 

Get a load of more chic canines, below.

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