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The Daily Dish Below Deck Mediterranean

Here's What *Really* Happened Between Malia White and Adam Glick Before Below Deck Med

The #BelowDeckMed yachties set the record straight on their pre-season fling.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Malia White Explains What Really Happened Between Her and Adam Glick

It was a Below Deck Mediterranean shocker. Not only did Malia White and Adam Glick meet before they hopped aboard the Sirocco, but things also got a bit romantic between the yachties. 

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What exactly happened between Malia and Adam before the charter season kicked off have remained shrouded in mystery. Adam said that he and Malia had "a physical relationship" before the season began, information that he later relayed to the guy Malia had also become smitten with, Wes Walton. The Below Deck Med chef also seemed to be envisioning a future with Malia, whereas she didn't appear to think they were heading in such a serious direction. 

Malia recently told The Daily Dish that she and Adam hadn't spent too much time together before the charter season began. As Adam and Malia previously explained on Below Deck Med, they first met at a yacht certification course in Florida prior to the start of the season. "We lived in two completely different states. We hung out one time. And I just think after getting to know Adam a little more, he's very quick to get invested into something. He falls and he falls hard, and I didn't realize that. We were on completely different wavelengths," Malia explained. "We weren't in a relationship, we never dated, we hung out one time. And so I think he was latching onto something that wasn't actually there."

As far as what Malia and Adam did when they hung out, Malia said that she and Adam had kissed, but that was it. "We've never had sex, no," Malia confirmed, adding that she thinks Adam made that up as "his way of trying to hurt Wes." 

Adam described his relations with Malia before they began this charter season as just sharing "a heavy kiss." "We've never had sex. I can tell you right now," he told Andy Cohen during the crew's reunion. 

Malia also explained to The Daily Dish what Adam meant when he mentioned a penthouse in Santorini while talking about their pre-charter season relationship. "Yeah, like, there's a part of this season where he talks about Santorini, Greece, and everybody was super confused by that. I was also super confused by that," she said. "Everyone thought we hooked up in a hotel room in Greece, which never happened. He fantasized about going backpacking afterwards, traveling to Santorini, Greece." 

Malia said that she and Adam had both agreed to keep their meeting before the season a secret so as not to cause drama among the crew, which she admits didn't really work out. "Looking back, I'm like, we should have just been, yeah, we knew each other and aired it out so it didn't seem like it was this bigger thing than it was," Malia said. "Who knows how it would have changed things, because as you see with Bobby [Giancola] and Lauren [Cohen]'s situation, that blew up. But I think it would have blown up regardless."

Malia White Has Some Major Regrets About Her Relationship with Adam Glick

Still, Malia said that if she could go back and redo some things, she would have met Adam for the first time on the Sirocco just like everyone else "because I think things probably would have played out a lot differently," she explained. "And then I think, probably, I was scared in the beginning to make the decision or to make any decision, really, so I wish I would have just stuck to what I knew that I wanted to do and done that a lot sooner," Malia went on to say about the so-called love triangle that followed. "That would have saved a lot of heartache." 

These days, Malia said she has moved on from all of the past drama with Adam. "Adam and I after the season, we kind of sent some text messages, just, 'All right, let's hash it out, what happened happened, let's just be cool,'" she shared. "Like, we're both now pretty chill about it. Like, it happened, we're over it. We can hang around."

Malia isn't the only Below Deck Med yachtie with some regrets from this season. Watch the crew reveal what they would do over, below.

The #BelowDeckMed Cast’s Biggest Regrets
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