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Here's What Dr. Heavenly Kimes Has to Say About Mariah Huq's Alleged Receipts About Her Husband

"When she first said it, it made me go, 'Uh oh, what the f---?'" the Married to Medicine dentist said.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Does Mariah Really Have Receipts About Dr. Heavenly's Husband Cheating?

By Season 6 of Married to Medicine, you'd have thought we'd have seen it all by now. This is the show that has given us relationship bombshell after relationship bombshell over the years, after all. But the Season 6 premiere managed to make our jaws drop all over again when Mariah Huq brought up allegations that Dr. Heavenly Kimes' husband Dr. Damon Kimes had been unfaithful to her — and she claimed that she had the receipts to prove it.

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And Dr. Heavenly was just as surprised by Mariah's comments as the rest of us. "At first, it took me by shock because I didn't think she would go that low," Dr. Heavenly told The Daily Dish during an interview in New York City on Monday. "I think it's sickening, I think it's disgusting, I think it's pathetic, and I think it's desperate."

As far as those receipts that Mariah said she had "available under lock and key" when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in September, Dr. Heavenly said she isn't buying it. "Because everybody else has had problems with their husbands, they have an automatic assumption that all men cheat, so she threw it out there thinking that [there's] going to be some receipts that came back. It's been eight months, I ain't seen sh--," Dr. Heavenly told The Daily Dish. "When she first said it, it made me go, 'Uh oh, what the f---?' I know this man more than half of my life. I know when he lies. I know who he is. If he had done it, he would be man enough to say it. I know that for sure."

Does Mariah Have Receipts on Dr. Heavenly’s Husband?

And if Mariah does ever come forward with the receipts, Dr. Heavenly said she won't believe them. "I'm ready to tear it apart, whatever it is," she said.

Dr. Damon has denied the allegations, as we saw earlier this season of Married to Medicine. "He was hurt by it," Dr. Heavenly shared. "He was like, 'Dang, you know I have done nothing.'"

Dr. Heavenly shared that she's mostly upset about how this gossip has impacted her and Dr. Damon's three children: Damon Jr., 20, Zachary, 17, and Alaura, 13. "That's why it was so painful when Mariah put out those allegations, not for me, because I'm gonna be all right. I have thick skin. It's the children that you're messing with because they look up to their father. So to defame his character like that, that's gonna be a hard one to let go," she said. "They don't like it. They don't believe it, but they don't like it. They're like, 'How could somebody go so low?' Think about it. Even if it was true, and it's not, why would you throw it out there and try to ruin my family?"

Dr. Heavenly has ultimately attributed Mariah's allegations to jealousy. "You gotta tear my sh-- down because my man [is] good to me, he treats me nice, he protects, prays for me, provides for me, he's a man of God, so let's tear that sh-- down," she explained. "She knows not what she does. I would be jealous of me, too. I really would, honestly."

The Married to Medicine ladies seemed to have made some progress in resolving their longstanding beef surrounding Dr. Heavenly's comments about Mariah's mom, when Dr. Heavenly apologized to Mariah during an appearance on Face the Truth in September. However, Dr. Heavenly told The Daily Dish that she might try to "disengage" with Mariah in order to avoid any conflicts in the future.

For now, Dr. Heavenly seems to be unbothered by all of the chatter surrounding her husband. "Listen, let me be very clear. I really don't think my husband cheated. I really don't. But even if he did, it ain't gonna change sh-- in my life," she said. "I'm not gonna shut up. That's what I'm saying. That's not gonna stifle me. So tell me something else."

Toya Bush-Harris also had some intriguing thoughts on the situation when she appeared on WWHL in September. Check it out, below.

Do Toya & Jerry Think Mariah Has the Receipts?
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