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The Daily Dish Married to Medicine

How Did the Married to Medicine Cast *Really* Feel About Mariah Huq's Return?

The #Married2Med mom's quest for new beginnings will stir up old drama.

By Laura Rosenfeld
How Did Dr. Jackie Walters Feel About Mariah Huq's Return?

"Yaaaaasssssss, honey, I'm back!" Mariah Huq exclaims in the supertease for the upcoming Season 4 of Married to Medicine. After three seasons full of ups and downs with this group of movers and shakers in Atlanta's medical community, Mariah is looking for new beginnings this season, as she also says in the supertease when she toasts with Lisa Nicole Cloud. 

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But Dr. Jackie Walters told The Daily Dish that it almost feels as if Mariah was never gone to begin with. "My question was, did Mariah ever really leave?" the OBGYN told The Daily Dish (clip above). "I mean, I always tease people when you have those friends that pop up when you least expect them. Well, in my world, that's like herpes. You know, you get a cold sore when you least expect it, and it's there, and then it's gone, and then it's back. So it's always exciting to have Mariah back. It adds to the flavor of events." 

Mariah revealed to The Daily Dish that her desire to move forward with the group was inspired by some real-life tragedies. "It was time to start new and fresh," she said. "I had been sick [Mariah revealed that she suffered a miscarriage last season], I lost my father, I had been through so many things that are just so much heavier and have so much depth that I just felt like we're all friends and we're all grown women, so we should be able to, not necessarily forget about the past, but move on from it." 

It looks like Lisa Nicole's background check of Mariah didn't affect this friendship since the two look chummy in the supertease. In fact, Lisa Nicole told The Daily Dish that she was open to Mariah's return, even if some of the other ladies weren't so much. "I thought it was good. I thought it was admirable. She extended an olive branch, and you will see that that olive branch wasn't necessarily received as genuine. A lot of the ladies had something to say about it, like it must have some agenda behind it. And it didn't. It was just her wanting to own her part of separating herself from the group, wanting to start fresh, realizing that life is not promised and life is too short to bicker over minor things," she said. "And I think these women, some of them, they just don't know how to operate unless there's some level of drama and fight and argument. I think they live for it, I think they instigate it, and I think it's highly dysfunctional."

Mariah Reacts to Lisa Nicole's Background Check

One of the cast members who didn't really believe that Mariah was ready to start a new beginning with the ladies was Dr. Heavenly Kimes. "I've been knowing Mariah for years, five or six years, and she doesn't change a thing. I'm sorry. I wish I could give her the benefit of the doubt, but I know Mariah. I know her ways. She's slick," she told The Daily Dish. "Now, she can put on a front, but I just don't trust her. I'm sorry. I don't have respect for her, I don't trust her, and I'm sorry that I feel that way, but she's given us every reason to feel that way." 

But one person who decided to give Mariah's new beginnings a shot was Toya Bush-Harris, even if the two didn't seem quite ready to move past their drama in the Season 3 finale. "If she really truly wants to mend fences, I think it's about time. It's been so many years that went by, and I was just like, I can't believe she's still holding on to the anger," she told The Daily Dish. "So I had to give her the opportunity to walk in and apologize." 

However, Toya also teased that Mariah is "gonna have to put in some effort" to rebuild these friendships. That's especially the case for Mariah's relationship with Quad Webb-Lunceford since these old friends have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the series. "Honestly, I was hoping for the best with her. I really was," Quad told The Daily Dish. "Unfortunately, she has to stay true to classic Mariah, and we see how things turn out with that. This is not a situation where I'm gonna be going back and forward with her in an argument because I feel that there's no purpose in that." 

Though Quad said she didn't see much change in Mariah, she promises that you will see a new dynamic in the way they interact. "For me, this season, I think people will really see growth over the last four years, and I'm just not gonna be baited or goaded into any argument, especially not with Mariah," Quad explained. "She tries a few times throughout the season, but she was not successful."

Where Does the Group Stand With Mariah Now?

Lisa Nicole teased that Mariah will still have her guard up as she tries to start a new chapter with the ladies this season. "I think a lot of times when you're an alpha female, people think that you are hard and that you're cold and you don't have feelings, you don't have emotions, because alpha females tend to just let things roll off of them," she explained. "And I think that was Mariah to a large extent. But the more you separate yourself and alienate yourself, the more disconnected people feel to you. So I think that was a learning opportunity for her and an area of growth for her. I think she still has her guard up because she was very disappointed. She did expect more of the women who she had the longer relationship with come to her, support her the way they came to Quad's support, and that didn't happen. I think there's some hurt feelings there, but I think she's trying to move past them." 

Moving past these issues is going to be easier said than done, according to Dr. Jackie. "I certainly think Mariah was genuine in wanting to start new beginnings. However, when you get out in the midst of the ocean and the old stuff keeps coming back, the old person will come back," she said. "So new beginnings, she wanted. New beginnings, I'm not sure she's going to get." 

Still, it sounds like Mariah is not going to let anyone or anything get her down this season. "I've never, ever not been a part of the group. I've always been the nucleus of the group. The group started with me, and I feel like it'll end with me," Mariah said. "I'm not gonna allow the ladies, even though I don't agree with the way they've treated me or I don't feel as though they've supported me the way I have with many of them, I just wanted to take a stand and let them know I am here, I'm here to stay." 

Mariah's return isn't the only thing that's going to shake things up this season of Married to Medicine, premiering on Sunday, November 6 at 9/8c. See what the prognosis is for this season by checking out the supertease, below.

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