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We Have an Update on Mike Shouhed and Paulina Ben-Cohen's Relationship

The Shahs of Sunset cast member reveals all about his relationship.

By Jocelyn Vena
Mike Shouhed Paulina Bencohen Update

Mike Shouhed has some big news to share when it comes to his relationship with Paulina Ben-Cohen: "I’ve never known a love like I have for her. She’s my rock. She’s the love of my life. [Recently], we were laying in bed and we were talking, and a lot of things are happening in our lives. We’re moving into a new home. Her divorce is finalized. And our relationship is now flourishing, and I was just telling her how much I love her and I started to cry because I just got emotional," the Shahs of Sunset cast member recently told Bravo Insider.

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Now that Mike and Paulina found the space they plan to live out their happily ever after in, the couple is thinking about how their next chapter could look in it. "Well, the house has five bedrooms. So for us to buy a five-bedroom house, we want to make sure we could fill all those bedrooms, so, hopefully in the near future we’ll be adding to the family. But for now, we are focusing on us, focusing on the move," he said. "And taking steps forward to just continue raising these two amazing kids that we have. And building a future for ourselves."

Kids are already a big part of their life. Paulina has children from a previous relationship, and Mike has really embraced being in their lives. "It’s really something special when you’re dating somebody. And I’m not just dating her; I’m dating her two children that I love dearly and just watching them grow up and just becoming just little adults, it’s crazy. And I was just going through a moment where I was just so grateful to have her and the kids in my life and everything that’s happened for us and how we overcame some of the obstacles in our life, that I got really emotional," he said.

Which brings us to the hot topic: Do Mike and Paulina plan to marry? "It’s so funny. I became that guy after I got divorced, 'I’m never getting married again. I’m just gonna have kids.' And then I meet Paulina, and from our first date, I knew I was gonna marry her. I was like, 'This is the person I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with.' I love everything about her, from the way she looks, the way she talks, to her philosophy, to her energy. Everything. And she completely shifted my mindset from going from 'I just want to have kids, and I’ll never get married again' to 'I want to spend the rest of my life with this person. I want her to have my last name. I want her to be the mother of my children. And I want to build a life with her,'" Mike explained.

Basically, it doesn't sound like either of them are in a rush after having already been married previously (Mike finalized his divorce in 2017). But, that doesn't mean Mike hasn't thought about it.

"We’ve talked about getting engaged and getting married," he said. "I definitely won’t do it as big as I did the first time around. My first marriage and wedding I had, you know, 350 people [at the wedding] — and that was a small group, because I had to be able to fit them in the banquet hall that we were renting for the night. But the next wedding is gonna be probably 10,15 people on the beach. Just our closest friends and family. It’s gonna be more about us and not entertaining. Just relishing in the moment of being united as one, as husband and wife."

And, it sounds like there are a few great reasons why Mike knows he's found the one in Paulina. "Paulina brings just joy to my life. The kids bring joy to my life. She’s the person that I call when I’m having a rough day, or if the most amazing news came across my desk," he said, with a laugh. "She’s my go-to. So it’s hard to pinpoint one moment because I think of one moment, then the next day something else happens that just makes me in awe of her and realize how important she is in my life."

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