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The Families Closest to the OJ Simpson Trial Do Not Approve of The People v. OJ Simpson

Ronald Goldman's father and sister react to the FX series on Steve Harvey

By Jocelyn Vena

While millions are tuning in to American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson week after week to relive the O.J. Simpson murder trial, during which he was on trial for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, there are several people who are not happy with the FX series — namely, those closest to the actual events. Ronald Goldman's sister Kim and father Fred Goldman, appeared on Steve Harvey Tuesday and revealed that they are not pleased with the true-crime miniseries. 

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"A part of me's thinking, 'You know, why do we need this show? We had it on television, gavel to gavel, for 10 months. Why do we need this?'" Kim said. "People are [like], 'Oh, the acting's riveting and this is such a great plot line.' And I'm thinking, 'These are murders!' It's very confusing to us, because this is not entertainment."

The series boasts an all-star cast, including Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, and John Travolta as Robert Shapiro. Much of the storyline revolves around court proceedings, and Fred notes that one of his problems with the series is how little the victims have been portrayed.

"They've concentrated so much ... on the attorneys' side of it. Ron and Nicole appeared as dead bodies in the beginning and that's it," he said. "So far there's not been a mention of them again. There's gonna be a whole generation of people who never knew anything about this trial, that will see this series and take it as gospel, when in fact it won't be." During the interview Fred stated that he believes O.J. committed the crime despite being acquitted of the murders.

"The show just ripped the Band-Aid right back off, poured some gallons of salt on it, and then they're gonna pull the Band-Aid off and leave us to be," Kim said. "I think it's really insensitive to not have considered the families at all."

Kato Kaelin, who was staying in the guest house on Simpson's property at the time of the murder and rose to fame during the trial as a one of the key witnesses, is also portrayed by Tony-nominated actor Billy Magnussen in the series. While his onscreen counterpart has been featured in the series, the real-life Kato is not impressed with the project. “I think there are a lot of inaccuracies, speaking on my behalf,” he said on Steve Harvey Show. “A lot of inaccuracies. Because how can one man’s book — it’s his opinion, how can he be privy to all these private conversations that went on? And I just think they’re putting the Kardashians in it too much, just because they're smart, that they’re going, ‘They’re the biggest thing on social media, so you got to drop in these little hints.’”

Speaking of the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian recently addressed the series and its portrayal of her late father, revealing one major moment that didn't really play out the way it appeared to on the show. "Like when O.J. was contemplating suicide, it was in my room and not Kim's room," Khloe revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden, before also noting the heavy presence of the Kardashian name in th series. "They're kind of sensationalizing the Kardashian name in it, but I think to bring a younger audience in. I'm not upset about it, but there was some scene of the 'kids' chanting 'Kardashian' when my dad was reading the potential suicide note. I even called Kim, because I was 10. I said, 'Did that happen? I don't remember any of this happening? She goes, 'Absolutely not did that happen!'" she said.

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