Has Padma Lakshmi Heard from Salman Rushdie Since She Released Her Memoir?

Has Padma Lakshmi Heard from Salman Rushdie Since She Released Her Memoir?

The #TopChef judge opens up about her ex following her book's release earlier this year.

By Jocelyn Vena

Padma Lakshmi didn't hold back when it came to opening up about her romantic relationships in her memoir, Love, Loss and What We Ate, released earlier this year. The Top Chef judge revealed quite a lot about her past with Salman Rushdie, the late Teddy Forstmann, and Adam Dell (the latter of which is the father of her daughter). And considering how real she got, some fans might be wondering if her exes have shared their feelings with her about those candid confessions.

The answer is sort of. And that especially goes for Salman. In the book, she shares that her struggles with endometriosis had an effect on their marriage and now she's revealing how he felt about her admission. "No, no I heard briefly from him. Very briefly," she shared on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday while promoting her latest release, The Encyclopedia of Spices & Herbs: An Essential Guide to the Flavors of the World. "No [I didn't hear from his attorneys]."

Though, she went on to note that she did get rave reviews from some other folks. "But I have to say all of the New York Times, The Times of London and The Times of India all said that I was much more generous about him than they expected... So, it's fine," she said. "No love, no loss there."

Was Padma just as kind about her review of the classic Mariah Carey film Glitter in which she makes a cameo? Find out below.

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