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The Daily Dish Married to Medicine

Quad Webb Opens up About the Last Time She Spoke to Ex-Husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford

Quad Webb claps back at those trying to keep her off the Married to Medicine couples trip.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Was Quad Webb "Pinned to the Cross" by the Ladies During Her Divorce?

Quad Webb neared the end of a chapter when she moved closer toward officially finalizing her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford in the December 8 episode of Married to Medicine

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But these days, Quad couldn't be happier living that "young, single, and free" life, she shared during an interview with The Daily Dish in New York City in November. "I'm enjoying being single. It was tough for me earlier on, but we've been removed for about a year-and-a-half now, a little over a year-and-a-half, now the divorce is final," she said. "Life is good. Life is really good."

Dr. Gregory really isn't in Quad's life these days as the Married to Medicine cast member confirmed that the two don't keep in touch today. "We don't really talk. I think the last time we spoke was probably a couple of months ago," she said. "We had some things we needed to wrap up a couple of months ago, but that's it."

However, several other members of the Married to Medicine crew continue to keep in touch with Dr. Gregory, including the husbands of Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Jackie Walters, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

"Some of my castmates, of course, still have relationships with my ex-husband, which I think that they should," Quad told The Daily Dish. "I would look at a person completely different if they discard a person because they're no longer married. It would make me question their character, and I would also question whether they were ever really real friends. It's a simple-minded person who would do that. So it doesn't bother me at all. Moving on."

Something that Quad does take issue with is the chatter surrounding her presence on the Married to Medicine couples trip since she is no longer a wife. "I didn't think about it. I could care damn less," Quad said in response to some of the ladies' comments. "I'm going to be on the couples trip. I'm on the couples trip. It is what it is. You girls will never stop my bag, ever. We do get paid episodically. That's three episodes. Why would I let you stop my coins? I'm not."

When asked if she sees a friendship with Dr. Gregory in the future, Quad said, "I want him to be happy. I would like my ex-husband to be happy, whatever that looks like for him."

Quad has moved on, getting back into the dating game this season of Married to Medicine, although she's not exactly sure what that night Dr. Heavenly played Cupid was about. "That's what you call dating?" Quad said during the interview. "I'm not gonna count that one as a date. That was a hot mess on wheels is what that was."

Thankfully, it sounds like things have been going a lot better for Quad in the romance department off-camera. "Now in my personal life outside of television, yes I'm dating, and it's good," Quad shared. "It's been fun. Very interesting. Meeting new people, it's great."

Quad knows precisely what she's looking for in a partner these days, too. "I want the man to be kind, loving, considerate, supportive. I want him to be a good team player. I want him to help me grow as a woman. I want him to help elevate me professionally," she said. "I just want him to be a person who will have my back and make me feel safe. I want a man who has great credit and a man who has more money than me because I’m not in the business of taking care of men, and he should be tall.”

Of course, Quad knows what she doesn't want in a man as well. "No baby mama drama. Can't deal with that, don't have the time for it. If he lacks ambition, can't deal with that, don't have the time for it," she shared. "And he has to be respectful. If he's not respectful, I can't deal with a man."

Now that Quad has had a taste of the single life, she has gone from never wanting another husband to considering saying "I do" again. "If it's the right man, yes, I probably would," Quad said. "I actually think about it now. So if it's the right situation, yes, for sure, I'll get married again."

The Married to Medicine ladies have some ideas about the man of Quad's dreams, below.

The Married to Medicine Cast Describes the Perfect Man for Quad Webb

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