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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New York City

Leah McSweeney Reflects on Her Dating Experience on Millionaire Matchmaker

The RHONY cast member was looking for love with help from Patti Stanger a decade ago.

By Jocelyn Vena
Leah McSweeney Was on The Millionaire Matchmaker?!

Back in the day, long before she was getting wild with The Real Housewives of New York City cast, Leah McSweeney was a single mom, running her Married to the Mob brand, and just looking for love. (We guess not much has changed...)

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And, so, she ended up in the hands of Patti Stanger about a decade ago, during Season 4 of The Millionaire Matchmaker, to be exact. The Daily Dish recently spoke to the RHONY cast member about what that experience was like — including if she's heard from the man she was set up with.

"I really didn't want to do it, to be honest, but then I decided to," she recalled. She noted that early on in filming the episode, she likely wasn't going to meet her match.

"I just knew that none of those guys were for me," she said about the singles who were picked to meet with her at the cocktail mixer.

During her episode, Patti tried to offer up some dating advice to Leah, who admitted to The Daily Dish that she has an "alpha" energy — then and now.

"I think that she made some valid points. I do believe that I do tend to actually attract, kind of more beta guys because I'm kind of alpha. That's just how it goes. It's very hard to change who I am though. I think there's truth to what she said. I mean, I'm still single and, obviously, didn't take her advice. I'm still doing the same damn thing, and I'm alone."

Notably, it was noted in the episode that Leah gives off a "masculine" energy.

Masculine Leah

"She said I had masculine energy and I needed to leave it at home. I do think I have [it]. We can all debate and go back and forth and deconstruct what masculine is, what feminine is, but we’re talking in general terms. So you know, obviously masculine, in air quotes, it’s obviously like being assertive. To me, that’s like what it is," Leah said.

She continued: "I think that’s what she meant was my masculine energy. Even though obviously there’s plenty of women who have that energy and whatever, and plenty of men who don't have that kind of energy. But the thing is, it’s like that is who I am. So how am I gonna not be that way? I have to be that way. I run my own business. I'm a single mom."

Leah did end up going out on a date with a gentleman named Will.

"He was nice. He was such a sweetheart. I just talked to him on Instagram like a week ago [at the time of this interview]. He was sweet. The total truth is that me and [my daughter] KiKi's dad decided to try to work things out. Now, obviously, it didn't work out either," she recalled.

Leah McSweeney and Her Ex Have a Very Unique Relationship

Still, even if Rob wasn't in the picture then, she didn't see much of a future with Will. "I actually still felt like the date went really well. I thought he was super cute. I thought he was really nice. I don't know, maybe we would have had a couple more dates instead of one," she said.

So, what's Will up to these days? "I think he’s like living in Florida, like in Palm Beach. And he is a fisherman now. So I don't know if he’s still looking for love, but ladies, if you’re living in Palm, down by Key West, or wherever he is [look for him]."

By the time the episode aired though, Leah and Rob had decided to end rekindling their romance — which was awkward."When the show came out and at the end it's, like, 'Leah and Rob tried to work things, were trying to work things out,' all my aunts and family got so excited thinking me and Rob were back together. It was really sad. And I had to let them know," she noted.

Another awkward moment stemmed from comments about big penises.

"No one thought, I'm joking. I mean, I am kind of a size queen. It was just me being silly. And, of course, they used that in the commercial. And [my ex] Rob’s whole family was together for the holidays and the commercial came on in front of the whole family. Anyway, whatever. It wasn’t great."

(Further proof of Leah's sassiness can be found in the below clip.)

Everything You Need to Know About Leah McSweeney

Patti Stanger was known to The Millionaire Matchmaker viewers for her own outspoken personality.

"I wasn’t there to like be best friends with her and she was kind of there to like do a job. I just respect women who just are like — she wasn’t trying to be nice, she wasn’t trying. She was just being herself. And I respect that," Leah said. "And also, even off camera she gave me her cell phone number and was like, I’ll help you. She was nice."

Leah joked, "She has major masculine energy."

Leah is single and perhaps looking to mingle again, though she noted,  "I'd rather be alone than change."

But there is one thing she would change now about that The Millionaire Matchmaker appearance: "I feel like I would have done my hair differently maybe," she joked.

Leah Mcsweeney Millionaire Matchmaker Date

Speaking of her daughter Kiki, she revealed if she's seen any of her mama's TV appearances: "We watched RHONY together. But she’s never watched Millionaire Matchmaker."

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Leah McSweeney Reveals the Hard Road That Led Her to Where She Is Today
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