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Ubah Hassan Accuses Jenna Lyons of Being "a Victim" on the RHONY Reunion

Ubah Hassan claimed during The Real Housewives of New York City's reunion Jenna Lyons acts differently off camera.

By Jill Sederstrom

Ubah Hassan came into The Real Housewives of New York City's Season 14 reunion ready to settle some drama  — and fellow Housewife Jenna Lyons was quickly caught in the supermodel’s crosshairs. 

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Ubah called out Jenna for not being authentic on camera, saying she was often playing the “victim” when, as Ubah insisted, she was really a “powerhouse” when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Ubah Hassan calls out Jenna Lyons at RHONY reunion

The sudden barb seemingly came out of nowhere when Erin Lichy was answering a fan question about what it was really like to work with Million Dollar Listing’s Fredrik Eklund during Part 1 of the reunion, which aired Sunday night. 

“He is exactly what you see, like what you see on TV is Fredrik in person,” Erin said. 

“We love that, unlike Jenna,” Ubah quipped, stunning both Erin and Jenna.

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Even host Andy Cohen seemed surprised by the sudden outburst. 

Ubah Hassan smiling in a white, lace, gown in front of a bookshelf.

“You think Jenna is not how she appears on television?” he asked. 

When Ubah shook her head no, Andy asked the hot sauce connoisseur to dive deeper into what she meant by the dig.

“I think TV Jenna is poor me, victim, I’m old and this, and the real Jenna, it’s powerhouse,” she said.  

Andy turned to Jenna to offer a response, but the former J.Crew president seemed completely stunned. 

“I mean, I, I — I don’t even know what to say,” she said with a laugh.

Jenna has freely admitted on camera that she felt, at times, like a fish out of water among the revamped Season 14 cast as she took her first-ever girls trips and tried to find her footing with the large group of women.

She raised eyebrows when she stayed at her own Hamptons home rather than spend the night with the rest of the ‘Wives at Erin’s during a fall Hamptons weekend and took her own flight to Anguilla to get to the tropical island a few days earlier to tan after feeling self-conscious about having incontinentia pigmenti, a genetic disorder that scarred her skin. 

“I think it’s a lot different having cameras watching you,” she explained in the reunion. “Having vulnerability and being powerful, like, they can exist together. I’m not in a power situation in this dynamic. At all.” 

The answer didn’t seem to satisfy Ubah, who doubled down on her grievances with the fashion icon.

“Every time someone’s yelling or something you are never, nowhere to be found and I don’t know, I just feel like you kind of avoid a lot of things,” Ubah said. 

Jenna freely admitted when it comes to the drama, she tries to avoid getting in the middle.

“I’m happy to address something that involves me,” she said. “I’m not so excited about weighing in on someone’s issue.” 

“But are you excited in making an opinion about people when you are not in the scene?” Ubah quickly shot back.

It was soon revealed that Ubah’s feelings may have been rooted in a more personal incident for the model. 

When Erin and Ubah faced off in an epic blowout during the Anguilla trip, Jenna said she was “Team Erin” in the disagreement.

“If someone, like, yelled at me, standing over me and ripping my sunglasses off my head, I would be upset and I can see Erin’s visibly upset and Ubah, she’s relentless. She won’t let up. So, yeah, I’m Team Erin in this moment, like, I want her to be OK,” Jenna said at the time. 

Jenna Lyons sitting in a black blazer and jeans in front of artwork and a wooden wall.

The comment clearly rubbed Ubah the wrong way.

“You said, you pick Team Erin,” she told Jenna in the reunion.

Before the discussion derailed even further, Andy redirected the women, saying they’d “get to it” later. 

The conversation then turned to Jenna and the vulnerability she shared onscreen once again later in the reunion. The Housewives praised Jenna for overcoming her own hardships as a child and becoming an amazing mother to her only son, Beckett.

“I really think that Jenna, you don't celebrate your [wins] at all. You are very hard on yourself,” Sai De Silva said. 

“That’s what I mean,” Ubah clarified about her earlier comments. “She puts herself down so much and I look at Jenna and I’m like —”  

Before Ubah could elaborate, Sai went on to express her own frustration with Jenna for not acknowledging how much she’s achieved in her career and personal life. 

“I get so upset with you because I want to shake you. You have accomplished so much and you have some really great people behind you,” she said. “When I first met you I was like, ‘Oh this woman is going to be an ultimate b-tch’ and then later on after watching all of this and doing this journey with you, I realized you’re just as broken as me, but you’re amazing. You’re Jenna F-cking Lyons. Put the T-shirt on.”

“I’ll make the T-shirt,” Jenna said with a laugh.  

But Ubah wasn’t quite ready to let the issue drop. She continued to insist that Jenna did celebrate her wins off-camera but that “people don’t see that side of her” on RHONY. 

“But I think that’s just her being vulnerable,” Erin said, coming to the defense of her fellow Housewife. 

Brynn Whitfield agreed that Jenna had been “the most vulnerable out of all of us” in front of the cameras and gave Jenna some love for being so honest onscreen.

“I have stretch marks, I have uneven boobs, I wouldn’t show any of all the money in the world, but like you really are popping your teeth out,” Brynn said while referencing a scene where Jenna shared the effects of her genetic disorder. 

The drama between the women didn’t end there. To catch the women face-off over more hot topics, tune in to Part 2 of the reunion special on Bravo or Peacock.

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