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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Potomac

Rayvin Huger Opens Up About Everything from Her Career to Dating (and This Is How Mom Karen Feels About It)

The RHOP daughter and mom on their tight-knit bond, what Brandon is up to, and everything you ever wanted to know about Rayvin's life today.

By Jocelyn Vena
Daily Dish Rhop Karen Rayvin Huger

Fans got to know Karen Huger's daughter, Rayvin Huger, a little better, thanks to The Real Housewives of Potomac: Karen's Grande Dame Reunion. Rayvin, along with her mom, took fans inside their journey to learn more about their family's past, present, and future during the trip to Surry County, Virginia featured in the special.

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While Rayvin revealed more about her life in that special, Bravo Insider recently spoke to the Potomac daughter to find out even more about her. And what she's sharing is quite interesting.

"When I meet people that recognize me out, they always ask me, 'How is college?' I’ve grown so much since viewers really saw me, and I think that makes the family reunion really special, as well," Rayvin said, via an email interview, earlier this month.

Karen also opened up about her daughter growing up in front of the world in a separate interview. "You did, you watched Rayvin grow up. I mean, with the timing though, Rayvin was headed to college when you all met me. And so, she's since then got her Master's. So, of course, her availability over the last six years has been sparse. So she Zooms in, she does that. As a parent, I felt that it was very important that I give her that opportunity to grow. So I didn't ever really force reality TV on my children. I am reality TV for my family. So if they want to jump in, they jump in. Now fast-forward. Rayvin's grown," Karen said. "It was an honor, and it was so exciting to watch her, that she's come into her own. And this was her decision to be on [RHOP: Karen's Grande Dame Reunion] with me. And the fact that she's so comfortable in the mind and so authentically herself, I just love it. It's TV magic."

And while fans have seen snippets of Rayvin here and there on The Real Housewives of Potomac, she shared what her life looks like today since we first met her six seasons ago. "I’m living in New York City, working in fashion, and loving it! The hustle and bustle was made for me, and I fit right in. I’m always somewhere and giving the girls booked and busy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything," she said, adding, "Of course, I want to touch all parts of the creative field — music, interior design, etc., but my biggest aspiration is to be happy and fulfilled. My vision on what that means for me becomes clearer every day."

As for her love life, Rayvin noted, "I’m dating me right now, which sounds like a cop-out response, but is so genuine. I am defining who I am and expanding creatively. I truly do not have the time to date. I don't even know where in my life that would fit. Of course, my mom loves that answer."

Rayvin may be out in the world forging her own path, but she definitely has love for her family. And yes, she does see her resemblance to her equally-fashionable mom and her mom's family, the Woodens, who fans also got to know on RHOP: Karen's Grande Dame Reunion. "Yes, the older I get, the more it’s like looking in a mirror! I definitely get my strength and confidence from my mom and the Wooden women," Rayvin said.

She then shared more insight into her bond with her mom and dad, Ray Huger. "I go to each of them for different things. It's funny – if you asked them this question, I bet they’d both say I’m a bigger fan of the other parent!" she said. "My dad and I really share a love of music and are always having a laugh. My mom and I discuss every aspect of my life in detail because she wouldn't have it any other way."

So, what kind of advice has her mom given her? "'Don’t let anyone steal your joy,'" Rayvin revealed.

She also noted that she checks in with her dad and her big brother, Brandon, for wisdom as well. "My brother is the voice of reason – I trust him completely when I’m making life decisions, and he never fails me," Rayvin said. "My dad’s advice helps me to look on the bright side, and I always find that the glass is half full."

Speaking of Brandon, Karen shared a little update on how her son is doing these days. "Brandon is fantastic! Brandon is living his best life. He has a wonderful career, he's very happy. And he's grown. I get to see him sparingly. I just saw him [recently] for Easter, so we had Easter brunch together. And he's just doing the damn thing," she said. "He's just so happy. And I'm so happy for him. He is, he's his own man. That's what I love about it. I did good raising my kids. OK? My son is definitely one of my joys, along with Rayvin. Like, the best thing I'll ever do are my children. Having my children will be this testimony of who Karen Huger is. I have not changed a thing, just because the TV doesn't follow Brandon's life, you know, because he's now grown. Oh no, I never stop phoning, bring it on. I ring the phone, I text, I drop by. I can drop by, I know how to raise a son. Don't ignore me. You know? Brandon is always there for me when it matters, and I for him. I'm always going to be there for him."

"My heart is so full when you talk about my children. And Brandon is a big part of that, as is Rayvin," Karen continued. "The love that I have for those children. They are the reason why I'm able to do what I do. They just believe in me. Encourage me, as well as Ray."

As for what the future holds for Rayvin professionally, she's open to trying out all kinds of experiences — and that could even mean sharing more of her life on TV. "When my mom started the show, I was definitely too young to share my life on screen. Now that I’m an adult, I’m so comfortable on camera, I’m like, lights, camera, action!" she said when asked about filming RHOP: Karen's Grande Dame Reunion.

The special also saw Rayvin doing in-episode interviews with her mom, an experience she definitely enjoyed. "That woman does not take tea for the fever and has me rolling laughing at all times," she said. "It’s such a treat and an honor to sit beside her and watch her do what she does best."

"I live for it. I actually loved every moment of being with my daughter. I mean, it was very genuine, it was very authentic. She really brings out the best in me. And she always surprises me with what she'll say. I mean, you know, a few things I was like, 'Oh my god! You've just thrown me under the bus.' But hey, she's telling my truth. What can I do?" Karen added about appearing in interview segments with Rayvin. "I can't fight the child."

So, would Rayvin ever want to be a Real Housewife? "I’m open and would consider!" she said. "My life is certainly interesting enough, that’s for sure."

Does Karen agree? "Everyone asks me that. And, you know what? If it happens for Rayvin, I support her. Whatever she wants to do, she's got my blessing. But she's very capable of being a Housewife. Absolutely. Did you see the child? She's so comfortable on camera. And it, you know, and she's so articulate. And such a beautiful spirit. Any show would be blessed to have her," she said. "But right now, I have her on my special."

And yes, Karen is one proud mom. "I always told her, one day I would be her friend. But, I will always be her mother. So when she was younger, it was important that I say the mommy thing. Now that she's, like, a young adult, I'm, like, venturing into 'friend,' being her very good friend, if not her best," Karen said. "That's what I want to be. But I'm also her mom. So I have to strike that balance with her. I'm so grateful that I've seen my daughter come into her own. And [she] can handle herself so well. I'm very proud of her."

Want more Huger family scoop? To hear more from Karen about her life on TV and husband Ray, check out the clip, below.

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