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The Daily Dish Below Deck

Rhylee Gerber Defends Her "Mouthiness" on Below Deck: "I Know That I’m Boisterous"

"I’m proud to be from Alaska, I’m proud to be a f--king captain, and I’m proud of myself," the deckhand said.

By Laura Rosenfeld

By this point in Season 6 of Below Deck, you've surely noticed that Rhylee Gerber isn't afraid to speak her mind. The deckhand has clashed with just about every member of the exterior team (Chandler Brooks, Ashton Pienaar, Ross Inia) and even some of her interior crewmates (Kate Chastain, Adrian Martin).

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To some Below Deck fans watching at home, it seems like Rhylee may have some problems with authority, which is understandable considering the fact that she's used to calling the shots as a fishing boat captain back home in Alaska. However, Rhylee told The Daily Dish during an interview in December that she actually had no problem following rank when she joined the Below Deck crew as a junior deckhand this season. "I never came onto the yacht and said, 'I’m a captain, I know exactly what to do, da da da da da.' No, I was asked what I do, I’m a boat captain, I brought it up one time when I very much disagreed with the way the tender ride went down and the safety of the whole tender and will to this day probably still disagree," she explained. "The fact of the matter is fishing in Alaska and yachting [are] two totally different worlds, and I did not say I knew anything about yachting."

Rhylee went on to say that she felt like she came on the boat eager and willing to be shown the ropes in her first yachting job ever. "On a personal level, I do want to know from bottom up everything that’s involved. I do want to be involved in everything," she said. "I don’t not understand rank; it’s just a matter of me wanting to be a part of it and learning the ins and outs of every different position that I could be a part of when it came [to] deck."

Rhylee opened up more about what caused her fiery moments this season during the Below Deck Season 6 After Show, which you can view, above. "Rank is there to set a tone, and I understand that. But within that hierarchy, you still have to be respectful," she explained. "I'm not just gonna fly off the handle for no reason. It was warranted because of how I felt I was treated."

Her fellow deckhand Ashton said that Ross was partly to blame for Rhylee's outbursts this season, although the bosun didn't agree with his assessment. "Ross created a monster because Ross gave her so much leeway and tiptoed around Rhylee," he said during the After Show. "We all saw the good in Rhylee, but what happened was you gave her too much slack, and you created this monster out of her, and it bit you in the ass in the end."

No matter what inspired Rhylee's attitude, Captain Lee Rosbach sure thought it could have used a tune-up. "God, if I hear one more time, 'I'm a captain,' I think I'm gonna throw up," he said in the After Show. "You may be a captain, but not on this boat. You're a third deckhand, which is as low as it gets in hierarchy. Don't sit there and say you want this job and then cry because you got it."

Though she may catch some flack from fans and the M/Y Seanna crew about her background and behavior, Rhylee said that she's proud of where she comes from and the person she has become, admitting that her "mouthiness" is just part of who she is. "I’m proud to be from Alaska, I’m proud to be a f--king captain, and I’m proud of myself. I don’t think that I’m aggressive. I know that I’m boisterous, for sure, but I’ve said it before: I’m reactionary, and that’s something I need to work on, but I’d so much rather have an opinion and voice that opinion versus not," she told The Daily Dish. "That’s just my personality. And I’ve always been a loud and opinionated person, and it wasn’t because of the show; it was because it’s just me."

Relive Rhylee and Ross' latest drama, below.

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