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Who Is Sara Al Madani's Love Interest? Meet Akin Fontana

Fans met Sara Al Madani's handsome friend Akin Fontana during the latest episode of RHODubai. Get to know more about him.

By Sophie Vilensky

Do we have a new Real Houseboyfriend to discuss, Sara Al Madani? During Season 2, Episode 5 of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Sara and her son Maktoum went out for a date with a man named Akin Fontana, who was introduced as "Sara's friend." But who exactly is he?

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"He's not a boyfriend yet," Sara explained toward the end of the episode. "I'm old school. I'd get to know him, introduce him to the family, and then I want to get married. I'm not looking to date for fun."

In a confessional, she added that intimacy is a sacred thing in her world.

"Akin is Muslim, so he understands the culture and traditions," Sara said, later telling her friends she planned to wait a couple of months before introducing him to her parents. But that doesn't mean we can't get to know him a little better.

Akin Fontana smiling and sitting.

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Akin Fontana's Career and Background

When we first met him, the handsome guy (he's a model!) giggled with Sara and her son, Maktoum, during a coffee date.

"It's been two months since I've last seen Akin, and I'm so excited to see him. This time we are meeting for a bigger intention: I decide whether I friend zone the guy or take him to the next level. And so far, it's been going really well," Sara explained in a confessional as check marks for her three must-haves — nice to Maktoum, spiritual, and believes in aliens — appeared onscreen. 

Later in the episode, Akin had the pleasure of meeting some of Sara's nearest and dearest. Lucky for us, their interrogation helped us get a bit more info on the man. We found out he does sports and streetwear modeling, that his mom is German, and that he's working on moving to Dubai.

"Wow. You are very good looking man," said Chanel Ayan after they were introduced. In a confessional, she added that "Sara knows how to pick them sizzling hot."

According to Akin's Instagram, he works as a certified personal trainer and splits his time between New York, Germany, and Dubai.

Sara Al Madani smiling next to Akin Fontana.

Akin Fontana's Relationship With Sara Al Madani's Son Maktoum

During their coffee date, Maktoum told his mom about spending time with Akin and how they went to "five gas stations just to get one slushie."

"So, Akin babysat Macky yesterday. It's not a full-on test, but it's a good starting test because I need to see whether they click or not," she explained. "I need my son's approval and I need his feedback, because he wants a father figure so badly. But at the same time, this comes with a risk, because what if it doesn't work, my son gets attached, and then the guy is gone?"

With that being said, it's safe to say Maktoum approved of Akin. Later in the conversation, he asked the big question outright: "When are you going to be my dad or stepdad?"

Are Sara Al Madani and Akin Fontana Still Together Today?

It's not exactly clear where Sara and Akin stand, although in a June 2024 interview with The Daily Dish, Sara spilled on her romantic status and noted that she's single.

"Nothing there and there is no rush because once you do the inner work, the right person will show up. So still single -- haha," Sara explained via email.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean we won't potentially see more of Aki this season. Keep watching The Real Housewives of Dubai on Tuesdays to keep up with Sara's love life.

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