Charrisse Jackson Jordan Has a Too-Cool Connection to the Obamas

Charrisse Jackson Jordan Has a Too-Cool Connection to the Obamas

Well, the #RHOP mom's daughter does, at least.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Charrisse Jackson Jordan may be among the who's who of Potomac society, but her daughter, Skylar, rolls with an even more fabulous crowd, according to her mom — if you can believe that. "Skylar has more connections than I do," Charrisse spilled to The Daily Dish behind-the-scenes of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. "She has a rolodex; I don't have one." 

So how star-studded is that rolodex, you might ask? Well, it includes a former First Daughter, for one. Skylar is friends with Sasha Obama. She was even spotted at her Sweet 16 earlier this month. "Her and Sasha are friends. Well, they have a lot of mutual friends as well. They hang out, spend time together," Charrisse said. "Very nice girl. Beautiful girl at that. She could be a model, she's so beautiful." 

When you live so close to Washington, D.C., you're bound to run into more offspring of the nation's political elite. "[Skylar] tried out for this lacrosse team and, oh, Joe Biden's granddaughter, I think, or somebody was on the team," the RHOP mom shared. "And I was like, 'Oh, really? That's who that was?'"


Skylar has long been hanging around some high-profile people, thanks to dad Eddie Jordan's career as an NBA and, later, college basketball coach, so this kind of star power doesn't really faze the RHOP teen. "Coming from a sports industry, we've always saw celebrities and things of that nature. She grew up always being around celebrity-like people, so they're just normal people to her," Charrisse explained. "So she doesn't get into it like crazy." 

And Skylar has managed to remain down-to-earth through it all. "She's very grounded. Very grounded. Great girl," Charrisse gushed about her daughter. "I wish I could be half of her. Get rid of Sha-Sha and more Skylar." 

— Reporting by Rachael Roberts 

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