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The Daily Dish Odd Mom Out

Season 2 of Odd Mom Out Is "On Steroids," Declares Abby Elliott

The #OddMomOut star gets real about playing Brooke, and reveals the biggest lesson she's learned from her.

By Jocelyn Vena
Brooke Explains the Power of Shedonism

Jill Kargman, Abby Elliott, and the rest of the Odd Mom Out gang are back-- and, no surprise here, but the Upper East Side squad is funnier than ever. Season 2 of the Bravo comedy kicked off on June 20, with the crew hilariously trying to figure out their lives and relationships after last season's twists and turns. But it's not just the show's stars who will leave you in stitches. The new season is chock full of A-list cameos, from the cast of Hamilton to Drew Barrymore, sure to add a little extra special something to the mix. The Daily Dish recently chatted with Abby, who teased what's in store for her vapid small-screen alter ego, Brooke Von Weber, as she navigates life following her split from Lex and as she embarks on life as a fashion mogul.

Obviously Season 1 had gotten so much positive attention from viewers and from critics. Did that make you pumped for this new season or did it make you nervous to have to take things to the next level and keep that momentum going?

Abby Elliott: Definitely, we were very pumped at all the good reviews and all the nice things that the critics had to say. And I think that definitely inspired us to want to do a great job this season and so much of it this season was already in the writing basically when I showed up for work. The writers did an amazing job with the season. It's Season 1 on steroids.

Brooke must be a fun character to play. What's it like when you step into those shoes?

Well, again, so much of it is on the page. It is. It's fun to play a major bitch. It's fun to take out a lot of aggression that I have in my life on screen because I can. She's someone that definitely speaks up and she's sassy and sometimes it's hard to do that.

So then you do feel like she is very different than you are?

I should hope so! Yes, I think we are different people. We're both blondes and from Connecticut — that's about all we have in common, I think. But I do think that Brooke, her intentions are... she means well, although her ideals are very skewed.

I know that Jill and Brooke are trying to get back to a better place this season.

Yeah, they come face to face. They both plan on taking the high road, and Brooke, obviously, beats her to it and so, you know, they kind of become family again this season. They still have a rocky relationship, but I think they're closer this season. And Brooke is trying to deal with her break-up from Lex, so she milks him for seed money for a new company and she becomes sort of a mogul. She becomes the next Tory Burch this season.

What's it like to see her evolve in that kind of way — to go from this Upper East Side mom/wife into a more independent person?

Brooke has it easy. In some ways, it's empowering to see her have to get a job and start working. And she feels empowered definitely this season, but in proper Brooke form, she gets away with it a lot and it comes easy to her and she blows up. It's definitely fun to see her empowered, that's for sure but she's still very privileged.

This season is not just about your characters — which are all amazing — but the guest stars are the most amazing Season 2 guest stars probably in the history of a television show.

Totally! Totally! Working with Molly Ringwald was such a thrill, so cool. It's so great that Drew [Barrymore] and Meredith Vieira were on. I'm so excited to see their stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't have scenes with them.

When you were hearing about the second season, what was the one name where you were like, "Wow. We got that person?" 

It was a secret about Molly Ringwald for a while, so we didn't know that it was gonna be her. But pretty early on, Drew was signed on, so she was definitely the one person — and she came to the table read with her adorable daughters, so that was really cool. And we were so psyched that she was positive about it.

This season you are also going to have some of the Hamilton actors on. Does that mean that everyone in the cast automatically gets tickets to the show?

Well, we were told standing room only. So I really want to see Hamilton, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the standing room only thing. 

Even acting alongside people from the show does not guarantee you tickets?

Oh, yeah, definitely not. They're that difficult [to get], as the show will show us.

What are some of the life lessons we can learn from Brooke.

I do think she means well with her shedonist values. Shedonism is essentially feminism, but Brooke invented it and so she takes full responsibility for feminism everywhere. And I do think it's silly and goofy, but that is a value that we can take seriously from Brooke von Weber. 

What three words would you use to describe this new season?

Star-studded, dramatic, and hilarious.

Need proof? Check out a preview of Monday's episode (airing at 10/9c), below.

'Hamilton Hameos' on Odd Mom Out
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