Shep Rose Hopes to Reopen the Palace Hotel Soon: "It Will Be Back, I Just Know It"

Shep Rose Hopes to Reopen the Palace Hotel Soon: "It Will Be Back, I Just Know It"

The #SouthernCharm bar owner offers some insight into when his Charleston hotspot may open its doors again.

By Jocelyn Vena

Just when it appeared the Palace Hotel would be up and running again following a fire earlier this year, Hurricane Matthew hit the Charleston area back in October delaying its grand re-opening. But, Shep Rose confirmed that he is working on getting the local hotspot up and running again.

"The hurricane came and there was a foot-and-a-half of water on the floor, which just kind of definitely pushed things back," the Southern Charm bar owner told The Daily Dish. "So, we were close then this damn hurricane [came along]."

Shep shared with us over the summer that it hoped to have the Palace Hotel back in working order again back in August, but it's been quite the process to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together again. So in addition to the hurricane, there's also been a lot of red tape. "Honestly, I don't understand," he said late late last month. "I know a lot of it is predicated upon the owner of the the building and the apartments upstairs that were damaged from the fire and inspections, just so many moving parts. And it's very frustrating and I wish I could wave a wand, but I can't. But, it will be back. I just know it. And when it comes back, I just think the whole town will rejoice because it was a real local favorite and had a real great quality, a very authentic place and had a great little niche in Charleston. So, anyway, it's all good."

Find out what else is in store for Shep's pals, below.

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