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Craig Conover-Inspired Tin Foil Hats Are Here: "You're Not Ready to Know What It's For"

This Southern Charm moment is now hilarious merchandise — not guaranteed to impress any aliens. 

By Sophy Ziss

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Craig Conover knows exactly who he is: He's a homeowner, he's a pillow-making entrepreneur, and he's also a tin foil hat enthusiast. To celebrate the Southern Charm cast member's dedication to exploring new conspiracy theories, we've created some out-of-this-world merchandise. 

Inspired by the Season 9, Episode 9 moment during Shep Rose's North Carolina boys' weekend getaway where Craig's friends donned their very own tin foil hats, this exclusive Bravo merch is perfect for anyone who questions the world around them. 

The hilarious moment has inspired countless conspiracy theory conversations with Craig and Southern Charm fans alike. Shep Rose even said the "The dumbest thing we might have ever done. I really like it,"In fact, Andy Cohen presented him with a "blinged-out" tin foil hat during Craig's January 17 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, encouraging Craig to share more of his ideas with viewers.

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What does "tin foil hat" mean?

"If you have to ask what a tin foil hat is for, you're not ready to know what it's for," Craig explained during a Season 9 interview. "Aliens don't really respect bare heads — bare heads are what you call people without a tin foil hat. They see your hat, they're like 'These people are ready for the reckoning.'"

Taylor Ann Green, Rodrigo Reyes, Craig Conover, and Jarrett Thomas sitting and talking with tin foil hats on.

A tin foil hat, also known as an aluminum hat, has long been associated with conspiracy theories. During the group trip, Shep announced that the group has to wear the hats "so the government can't hear us," and Craig added that it's so they "can't be targeted," while he shared his theories with the group.

Where can I buy my own tin foil hat?

Right here! Technically, it's a baseball cap that's not guaranteed to be functional. But it's fun!

What are Craig Conover's conspiracy theories?

As he's said more than once on Southern Charm, Craig believes panda bears "aren't real." He claims there's no proof of them actually existing, and that what we think of as pandas are really men wearing panda suits. During Craig's January WWHL appearance, the reality star counted down his top five most deeply held non-panda-related conspiracy theories, which include thoughts about the pyramids and the 1969 moon landing.

Another theory of his is that the Mandela effect — a concept that refers to a group of people having clear memories an event that did not actually happen — is caused when "they test out time travel to see how much of the past they can change" without people in the present noticing. When Andy asked who the "they" refers to, Craig wryly tapped his tin foil hat to indicate it's an if you know, you know situation.

"Women's clothing is designed with little to no pockets with the primary purpose of selling more purses," he said next, prompting a laugh from Southern Charm and Southern Hospitality cast member Leva Bonaparte, who was also a guest on WWHL that night.

Finally, he shared that he believes that in January 2024, "aliens took over the mall in Miami."

Oh, that Craig.

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