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Amanda Batula Addresses Smashing Kyle Cooke's Things in the Summer House Season 6 Premiere

The Summer House cast member also reacted to a revelation about that night previously shared by her husband on WWHL.

By Laura Rosenfeld
How Does Kyle Cooke Show Love to Amanda Batula?

Season 6 of Summer House kicked off with some of the biggest drama we've ever seen between Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke.

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Amanda got emotional when she couldn't get ahold of Kyle after he decided to stay out by himself during the first night in the Hamptons in the Summer House Season 6 premiere. So, she decided to let out her frustrations by emptying out Kyle's toiletries all over the bathroom floor in their bedroom.

Amanda explained what was going through her mind in this moment during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on January 24 (clip above). "Not everyone can relate to this, but there was a build-up of anger and frustration, and sometimes you need some sort of a release," she told Andy Cohen. "And I took it out on Kyle's toiletry bag."

"My cologne," Kyle clarified from the Clubhouse audience.

Amanda went on to share what it was about Kyle staying out so late this time that really got to her. "I just don't like when I can't get ahold of him," she said. "I didn't care we were all at home, but the moment we all went to bed, it was like, we're all asleep now. You should be home by now."

Things were even more tense between Amanda and Kyle that night than we realized. During his appearance on WWHL last week, Kyle confessed that he saw that Amanda had called him 14 times, and then he just decided to ignore the rest of her calls. "Yeah, I'm not surprised. He doesn't like confrontation. That's why he gets really defensive," Amanda reacted to Kyle's admission during her visit to the Bravo Clubhouse Monday night. "He knows he's in the wrong, and he just wants to put up a wall right away. He wanted to avoid conflict, but I wasn't gonna let him live that down."

Also during his previous appearance on WWHL, Kyle showed remorse for his actions that first night of the summer. "I messed up. I stayed out. I shouldn't have stayed out," he said in the below clip. "I get excited. It was night one."

Why Did Kyle Cooke Blame Amanda Batula?

As for why he blamed Amanda for him disappearing that night, Kyle said, "Well, she's the first line of fire. And I feel bad."

During her WWHL appearance, Amanda confirmed that Kyle does take accountability for his actions, "but it takes him a little bit to get there," she noted.

Even though we've seen some conflict between Amanda and Kyle over the years, there are plenty more romantic moments that the couple shares. Amanda opened up about what Kyle does that shows her that he loves her. "He pushes me to be a better version of myself," Amanda said on WWHL, later clarifying that Kyle pushes her "outside of my comfort zone." "He helps me when I'm overwhelmed. He knows when things stress me out."

But it was Amanda's response to Andy's question asking if she would be friends with Kyle if she weren't married to him that really warmed the hearts of everyone in the Clubhouse and those watching at home. "That's why I married him," Amanda said in response. "Because he's my best friend."

Amanda also noted on WWHL that Kyle has made changes since last summer. "He became more patient and listened a lot more and actually took into consideration my feelings in an argument instead of just defending himself," she shared in the below clip.

The Biggest Thing Kyle Cooke Changed for Amanda Batula

Their summer may have started off in a rocky place, but Amanda and Kyle did eventually make it to the altar. The couple tied the knot in a stunning ceremony at Amanda's parents' house in Hillsborough, New Jersey on September 25.

Since then, in addition to fostering more pups and continuing to expand their Loverboy empire, Amanda and Kyle celebrated their wedding on a little "mini-moon" to the U.S. Virgin Islands earlier this month. Kyle shared some snaps from the vacay in advance of Amanda's appearance on WWHL, captioning the January 24 Instagram post, "Check out my wifey on #wwhl tonight following #summerhouse! Love you babe."

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Photo: Kyle Cooke/Instagram

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