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The Daily Dish Summer House

Have Summer House's Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Moved in Together Yet?

The sole Summer House couple shares what the future holds for their relationship.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Can Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Really Last?

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula may have ended the season intact as the only couple in the Summer House, but there were still many questions facing the pair as they prepared to bid adieu to the Hamptons. How will the criticism from their friends affect their relationship? Will they ever move in together? Is marriage in the cards for this couple? 

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Lucky for you, Kyle and Amanda answered all of these questions and so much more about their relationship after Season 2 of Summer House when The Daily Dish caught up with them prior to this season's finale and reunion. 

Yes, Kyle and Amanda are still together today, but other than that, there's not much news to report, according to Amanda. "Nothing really has changed after the end of Summer House [Season 2]. We're still living in our own apartments. I still only have a key. I still don't have a toothbrush. There's no drawer. But we're really strong. There's more conversations about marriage and moving in. And I think the relationship is getting a little bit more serious, and I've made it very clear that [Kyle's] getting old. If I'm not the one, you should probably break up with me because you're wasting your time," Amanda explained. "But we're headed in a really good direction. And like I said, our relationship is stronger than it's been. We've had some really tough fights, but fighting, I think, is important in a relationship because it means you're passionate about something. So we've been able to work things out and figure out things that bother us about each other or how to have conversations in a way that won't transpire into an argument." 

Kyle admitted that he "kind of dropped the ball" and there were "a lot of distractions" after he and Amanda had talked about moving in together at the start of last summer. "It kind of came to that point where she was moving forward with her existing roommate to find another apartment because they wanted an upgrade. I kind of felt bad. She puts in a lot of the legwork to make our relationship work because she comes to me. She brings her bag to my apartment," he told The Daily Dish. "That said, I just didn't feel like I was ready last summer to pull the trigger and move in. I think that people do that far too often in New York out of convenience, and both of us completely disagree with that. It's like, it should be for all the right reasons, nothing to do with money or making it easy to see each other."

A deadline is approaching once again as the leases on their New York City apartments are up in August, and Kyle and Amanda will have to decide if they want to take that leap to live together. "I think, for us, the summer really brought us together and despite my kind of dropping the ball on reading between the lines and understanding that she wanted to move in, she kind of was understanding, and I think she's eager to see where this goes because that's the next logical step," Kyle said. "We're in a great place. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about whether we do another summer together. I think it's just a matter of, do we act on the fact that both of our leases come up at the end of August?" 

Still, Amanda said that she's "so ready to move in with Kyle" now. "I live out of a suitcase in his apartment every single weekend. It's at the point where it's driving me absolutely crazy. I would love nothing more than to just have all my stuff there because I'm there often enough as it is. So I'm ready," she said. "The question is, 'Is he?' I can't answer that one for you." 

And yes, they have seriously discussed the possibility of marriage. "It's been brought up because we're at that point. Two-and-a-half years in, one-and-a-half officially, where you start trying to figure out if this is the one, if this is a long-term future. I think both of us, there's nothing that stands out that would say otherwise," Kyle said. "But now, I always kind of envision myself in a much more secure place with successful startups that I've already sold, not living in a rental apartment, or not in the city, for that matter. I'm from New Hampshire. I want a house, I want a yard, I want a garage. I just thought I'd be a little further along at 35, so I'm not necessarily thinking about kids and marriage. I'm still focused on career. But any girlfriend would be like, 'Well, that's f---ed up. What about me?'"

Kyle Tells His Girlfriend He Doesn’t Want To Marry Her

When it comes to Kyle's partying, one of the main issues that caused tension for the couple this season, Amanda has come away with an important lesson from last summer. "I think I just have to let him go and do his thing and do my own thing. I can't be worried about babysitting him all the time. If you're gonna pass out on the couch, I'm not gonna take care of you afterwards," Amanda said. "And I just kind of need to shake it off and not get so worked up about it." 

Kyle said he recognizes that this is something he needs to work on, too. "Looking back, the reason that Amanda and I are still together, there's an undeniable attraction, but she's also so patient and understanding and accepting of me for who I am. And I'm sure there are things that seriously irritate her. I think I'm a handful, and I understand that," he shared. "The amount of effort that she puts into our relationship, it makes me want to do the same. I think that's where I sometimes do fall short. I do have all these things that I'm trying to do professionally, socially, be a good friend, be a good boyfriend, where I do drop the ball, and there are certainly times where, well, yeah, I'm sure it'd be annoying if she ignored me for an entire party while she got drunk, chatted up with whoever was in sight. So it's kind of like the power of retrospect, where it's like, well, yeah, I need to make a better effort. She deserves the best and there are times when I fall pretty short." 

Now Amanda said she wishes she had formed stronger bonds with her fellow housemates instead of focusing most of her attention on her relationship with Kyle, which Summer House fans should really understand after the tense atmosphere between the couple and the rest of the crew at the end of the season and the reunion. "I think my biggest regret is not spending more quality time with the rest of the group in the house. I think I was so focused on trying to get quality time in with Kyle on the weekends that I was really focused on only spending time with him. And I wish I kind of branched off more and let him do his thing and had fun with the girls or had fun with other people in the house," Amanda said. "I was just really focused on having a solid weekend with him that it affected some of my friendships with other people." 

So do you remember that rule Kyle created about no couples in the Summer House? Well, Kyle has made an amendment to it as he compared this season of Summer House to the experience of the series' first season. "It's not like I picked that rule out of thin air. I knew going into that first summer that Lindsay [Hubbard] and Everett [Weston] had some kind of tension. I was like, cool, let's not figure it all out this summer," Kyle explained. "But look, I said cool couples are allowed. What I really just meant is I think there are couples that will have an impact on a house that does bring down the mood. And this isn't even talking about Lindsay and Everett. I'm just saying I've been in houses before where they're just on a different page: the amount of fun they want to have, the amount of drinking, the amount of partying, music. It's like the little things that add up if you're spending an entire summer together. So if people aren't on the same page, primarily from a party standpoint, you're going to run into some problems."

Watch Kyle, Amanda, and the rest of the Summer House crew reflect on Season 2, below.

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