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Lindsay Has “Theories” on Why Paige Seemed So Upset with Her at the Summer House Reunion

Lindsay Hubbard reveals where she stands with Paige DeSorbo following the Summer House Season 6 sit-down.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Summer House Carl Lindsay Paige

Summer House Season 6 officially came to a close with the airing of Part 2 of the reunion on May 16, and we’ve still got a chill from the iciness between Lindsay Hubbard and Paige DeSorbo.

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Now that a few weeks have passed since the Summer House cast filmed the reunion, have things warmed up between Lindsay and Paige?

Lindsay revealed where she currently stands with Paige when she and Carl Radke spoke with The Daily Dish on the red carpet of NBCUniversal's upfront on Monday, May 16. “I mean, in the history of Paige joining our show, we haven’t really spent a lot of time with her outside of the summer,” Lindsay said. “So it’s not abnormal that we don’t really hang out or don’t talk every other season.”

As for why things were so tense between her and Paige at the reunion, Lindsay hinted that Paige’s boyfriend, Craig Conover, may have something to do with it. “I mean, I have theories that it stems from her boyfriend,” she said. “But that’s just a theory.”

During Part 1 of the Summer House Season 6 reunion, host Andy Cohen notably pointed out that Paige had not looked Lindsay in the eye once since they started filming. Paige said she felt “awkward” and “very uncomfortable” sitting next to Lindsay, Carl, and Danielle Olivera on the couch because she didn’t think they liked her very much.

Paige went on to express that she felt like there was “clearly a divide” in the group. “When you come in as a new person, it is very hard to get into the group that was here first season. My first season, when I walked into the kitchen and I felt the energy between Lindsay, Danielle, and Amanda [Batula], it was stifling. There’s very much a hierarchy, and neither of them really talked to me. I naturally gravitated toward Amanda,” Paige explained. “And then as the seasons went on and I saw new girls coming in, it’s not really a coincidence that they always end up hanging out with us. They are very hard to approach.”

Later in Part 2 of the reunion, Paige remarked that she was “done” with Carl and Lindsay while taking a break from the taping. But when Andy asked her again about her body language toward Lindsay at the end of the sit-down, Paige said she had other reasons for not looking at her Summer House castmate. “In my defense, this side didn’t talk as much as [the other] side,” Paige said. “And I’ve been trying to keep my shoulders back and be conscious of my posture, and so that’s been in my head the whole time.”

When Andy asked Lindsay if she felt like she was being shaded, Paige said, “No, she would know if I was giving her shade. And she’d call me out on it.”

Carl also acknowledged that “there’s definitely been a little tension” with Paige. “I’m not trying to come at you, Paige,” Carl shared. “I know things get a little nasty. I’m trying to protect and defend [Lindsay] in a lot of ways.”

Carl also apologized to Paige for some of the things he said to her during the reunion, which she accepted.

When The Daily Dish caught up with Carl and Lindsay at NBCUniversal’s upfront on Monday, Carl shared how the reunion was “still a little fresh.” “As you get further away from the episodes and reunions, it gets a little easier,” he said. “Obviously, we recorded it a month or two ago, but a lot of what happened last summer was almost a year ago, so it’s nice to kind of move forward with what’s going on currently.”

Though SO MUCH was discussed at this season’s reunion, Lindsay said she felt like people were generally holding back during the sit-down. “I feel like people didn’t necessarily take the opportunity to speak their minds as much as you would hope they would have done,” she said. “For whatever reason, that didn’t happen, so it was just kind of awkward. Just this awkward tension this entire time.”

Carl agreed, sharing that he also felt like a lot was left unsaid at the reunion. “Over the years with our reunions, that’s really the chance for everybody to kind of reflect on the show that aired and also the experience that you lived with personally, and think about it and share your thoughts. And also to hold other people accountable, hold yourself accountable,” he shared. “It just seemed like people were kind of unwilling to … they were afraid to look back or say anything.”

Lindsay added that it seemed like others didn’t want to “admit any wrongdoing.” “I mean, here’s the problem: We live in a house together. So the reunion is really supposed to be like, can we move forward?” she said. “And it just was like, you’re sitting there hoping and waiting for those moments to happen, and it didn’t seem like they happened. So it was just awkward.”

— Reporting by Stephanie Gomulka

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