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The Daily Dish Summer House

Is This the Most Chaotic Episode of Summer House Ever?

Over the course of just one party, Kyle and Carl squashed their beef, and Danielle and Lindsay’s issues began.

By Shannon Raphael

Thanks to Gabby Prescod, the Hamptons crew threw a Studio Fifty-Forest themed party on the March 20 episode of Summer House, but not everyone was feeling groovy (which could be part of the reason why Danielle Olivera later gave the party a 6.5 out of 10 rating).

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Early on in the soirée, Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke decided to hash out their issues following Kyle’s blow-up at Lindsay Hubbard on the previous episode. Carl and Lindsay then had a heated discussion about their relationship before the latter cast member had a disagreement with Danielle about the same topic.

If you missed the chaos (or just need a refresher), read on for a recap of every major discussion that happened on Episode 6. 

Kyle and Carl

After Danielle and Lindsay called Amanda Batula the least trustworthy person in the group, Kyle got upset with the two on his wife’s behalf. The following weekend, Carl asked Kyle to chat about what was said. 

“I don’t love how you were speaking about Lindsay,” Carl told his pal and former Loverboy colleague. “You were really fired up and I’m like, ‘Wait. [Does] he really, like, deep down think some of this stuff?’ Do you guys even like me and Lindsay?”

Kyle told Carl that he’s “changed” since he started dating Lindsay. He also said their issues largely stemmed from the fact that Lindsay and Amanda have “tension,” and Carl agreed.

Carl said that Lindsay was offended when Amanda questioned how fast the two were moving in their relationship.

“You guys are reading between lines that don’t exist,” Kyle said. The longtime pals ended the chat by hugging it out and promising to check in on each other in their friendship.

Lindsay and Carl

Once Carl wrapped up his conversation with Kyle, he went over to Lindsay to recap what was said. Lindsay wondered why Carl and Kyle talked about her and Amanda for “the entire” chat. Carl implored his girlfriend to consider having a conversation with Amanda.

“If I had it my way, we would talk all the time,” Lindsay said about her relationship with Amanda. “I’m a very direct communicator.”

Carl agreed that Lindsay is direct, but she didn’t feel like he was on her side at that moment. 

“You do? Because it doesn’t feel like you do,” Lindsay said. She later felt like Carl was “getting mad” at her and “com[ing] at her.”

“Trust me, I’m not coming at you,” Carl responded. “You’ll know when I’m coming at you.”

The now-engaged couple resolved their tense chat with a game of beer pong.

Danielle and Lindsay

Before Season 7 premiered, the former best friends teased that their relationship got to an “unfortunate” place during the summer. Fans are now finally starting to see why. 

After Paige DeSorbo told Lindsay that Danielle had also been questioning how fast she was moving with Carl, the Hubb House PR founder addressed the speculation about her relationship.

Danielle acknowledged that she said Lindsay and Carl were moving “hella fast,” but Lindsay argued that she had been friends with Carl for six years.

“I want to have babies with this man, and he wants to have babies with me,” Lindsay said, to which Danielle responded that Lindsay was getting “so f--king defensive [that] it’s annoying.”

Danielle didn’t think that Lindsay and Carl were having “hard” conversations, which is why it seemed like they were living in a “fairy tale.” In one intense moment, Danielle said it felt like her friendship with Lindsay was at a breaking point.  

“Danielle, you’re never going to lose me,” Lindsay said. 

“Sometimes it feels like I am,” Danielle responded. “Because your relationship sometimes feels off-limits for me to talk to you about.”

Is Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera's Friendship on the Rocks?

Lindsay and Danielle got on the same page before they ended their chat, but they got into another disagreement later in the episode when Lindsay decided to stay back from the group outing to Montauk so that she could hang out with Carl. 

“In the past, if I said ‘Montauk?’ Lindsay would say, ‘How long do I have to get ready?’” Danielle said in an interview. “I hate seeing her holding back. Bitch, I know you want to go to Montauk.”

Is this the beginning of the end of Danielle and Lindsay’s friendship? You’ll have to keep tuning in to Summer House to find out.

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