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The Daily Dish Summer House

3 Summer House Cast Members Are Leos — See Every Roommate’s Zodiac Sign

Find out which Summer House Season 7 cast member described herself as “a Taurus sun” and “a general mess.”

By Allison Crist

The subject of astrology comes up within the first five minutes of Summer House’s Season 7 premiere — which you can start watching now in the above clip — so it’s only right that we round up the cast’s zodiac signs. 

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Read on to find out what the stars have to say about Danielle OliveraLindsay Hubbard, Carl RadkeKyle CookeAmanda BatulaPaige DeSorboCiara MillerMya AllenChris LeoniSamantha Feher, and Gabby Prescod.

Lindsay Hubbard - Leo

Lindsay is one of three (!) Leos on the Summer House cast, but like the others, she embodies the zodiac sign in her own unique way with her big personality, confidence, and fierce loyalty to her loved ones. She’s also big on love itself — as Astrology Zone puts it, “Leo loves to be in love” — and based on the Summer House Season 7 trailer, Lindsay seems to have found it with her longtime BFF Carl. 

Danielle Olivera - Capricorn

Trustworthy, sensible, and hardworking, Danielle is a Capricorn to a T. She’s always planning for the future and rarely irresponsible, the true mark of the zodiac sign that’s known for being “incredibly pragmatic” with “a highly developed moral compass,” according to Co-Star. She’s also as dependable and loyal as a friend can get. 

Kyle Cooke - Leo

Kyle is extremely passionate about his business Loverboy, which makes sense, as Leos “inject ambition into everything they do,” according to Co-Star. His tendency to lash out during arguments could also be attributed to his sign, as Leos often “use their anger as a protective wall to shield their vulnerabilities,” as Co-Star put it.

Amanda Batula - Leo

Much like her Leo husband, Amanda doesn’t mind taking charge of a situation — in fact, she often thrives when she’s in control, which can definitely be attributed to her zodiac sign (Leos are represented by lions, aka the king of the jungle). Similar to other Leos, Amanda is also vivacious and loves making others happy.

Carl Radke - Aquarius

Intellectual, clever, and sometimes elusive, Carl has several Aquarius traits — which is good news for him and Lindsay, as “Leo and Aquarius love compatibility can be considered as one of the best among the zodiacs,” according to Astrotalk.

Paige DeSorbo - Scorpio

As Paige explains in this first look at the Summer House Season 7 premiere, she’s a Scorpio — a sign she admits is “not great” when paired with an Aquarius, which is what her boyfriend, Craig Conover, is. Regardless, as a trendsetter with an intense personality, as well as an “aura of power and mystery” as Astrology Zone puts it, it’s safe to say Paige is the ultimate Scorpio. 

Ciara Miller - Capricorn

Much like many other Capricorns, Ciara is an extremely dependable friend — especially after she warms up to people, even if it takes a bit of time. True to her sign, Ciara is also confident and strong-willed, and she strives for honesty. 

Mya Allen - Aquarius

Nothing screams “Aquarius” more than the fact that Mya went from working on the corporate side of the food and beverage industry to running her own unique cookie business. Additionally, Cafe Astrology describes Aquarians as “generally very clever, witty, and intellectual” — all of which Mya definitely is.

The Newcomers 

Fans will have to take some time to get acquainted with Summer House’s Season 7 newcomers, but there are a few things we do know about the first-time roommates. 

Samantha Feher - Gemini 

Geminis are known to be quite flirty — and in some cases, the ultimate players — which seems to ring true for Samantha, as her official bio states that she “typically dates a roster of four to five guys.”

Chris Leoni - Gemini 

Like Samantha, Chris is also a Gemini. Since he’ll be the only single guy in the house (at least until Kory Keefer shows up), that could definitely work in his favor. After all, according to his official bio, he’s “looking to let loose and have fun in the Hamptons.”

Gabby Prescod - Taurus

The newcomer says it best herself during the Summer House Season 7 premiere: “I’m a Taurus sun, I’m a Leo rising, and I’m a Scorpio moon. And a general mess.”

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