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Go Inside Teresa Giudice and Andy Cohen’s Backstage Conversation at the Reunion

Find out why Andy apologized to the RHONJ cast member, as well as what she had to say about the drama with her brother, Joe Gorga.

By Allison Crist

Teresa Giudice is no stranger to a reunion walk-off, but her latest — which came during Part 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 reunion on June 13 — may have been the most emotional yet. 

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The series OG left the stage after going back and forth with her brother, Joe Gorga, about a supposed phone call between him and Teresa’s eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, before her wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas. The siblings were in disagreement over a comment Joe alleged that Gia made about Melissa Gorga during said phone call — and at one point, Teresa even called Gia to dispel the rumor (you can check out the conversation in the clip above).

Joe and Melissa, however, continued to insist that Gia had indeed made the comment. “I just don’t understand this,” Teresa told her brother. “I was always good to you. I always put you first. We were best friends. This is disgraceful. This is absolutely disgraceful.”

Getting emotional, Teresa then stormed off the reunion stage, where she later had a poignant conversation with reunion host Andy Cohen. Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice at the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Reunion

Teresa’s Emotional Moment Backstage

Once she was away from the group, Teresa continued to cry as she expressed her disappointment in Joe. “He lies about my daughter? I don’t want to go out there anymore and see him,” she said. “He better not follow me. He better not even come here. I don’t want to make up with him. I want this over. I am done with him.”

Teresa then called Gia again, who told her, “Don’t cry, you’re gonna make me cry. You’re doing so good and being so strong.”

Louie eventually joined Teresa backstage, and while Teresa was on the phone with Gia, he told her that Joe was “trying to sell a different story.” 

Added Teresa, “This is why I want them out of my life.”

The RHONJ Cast’s Reaction to Teresa’s Walk-Off

Back on the reunion stage, Melissa said that Teresa left because she was “embarrassed.” She also accused Teresa of having Gia “lie” for her, but Jennifer Aydin stepped in to say, “I don’t think that Gia’s lying.”

Danielle Cabral, meanwhile, called out Joe. “Come on,” she said. “That’s your sister. Forget all this.”

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Responded Joe, “Danielle, she’s never gonna give up what she thinks in that brain of hers.”

Frank Catania also weighed in, telling Andy, “I have never seen it as bad [as] it is now with Louie than it ever was with Joe Giudice.”

Teresa and Andy’s Backstage Conversation

After Teresa could be heard saying, “I don’t wanna go back out there,” Andy left the reunion stage to talk to her. Upon seeing him, she expressed how upset she was over Joe’s comment about Gia — especially considering that the reason Gia made the phone call in the first place was to apparently “beg him to come” to her and Louie’s wedding.

Louie then chimed in, explaining that he and Gia had previously discussed the phone call, and if anything, Joe misunderstood what Gia was trying to say. As Louie recalled, “She said, ‘If I would’ve even said those words, it would’ve meant, ‘You could do better for mom in this moment.’”

Teresa Giudice and Andy Cohen talk backstage during the taping of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Reunion

“About the wedding,” Teresa added. “Like, come to the wedding. Not to leave Melissa.” 

Regardless, Andy said they couldn’t “keep relitigating this.”

“I mean, it is what it is and we are where we are,” Andy said. “So I think we have to go out there and finish this.”

He checked in with Louie about how he was feeling, but he eventually turned to Teresa, telling her, “Let’s go out here. I’m gonna end this. I’m gonna send everybody away, OK?”

The two then proceeded to the reunion stage, and on the way, Andy apologized to Teresa for “yell[ing]” at her earlier in the reunion. “I was just so frustrated,” he said of his inability to get her or Melissa to pause and let the other speak. 

“No, I know. How do you think I feel?” Teresa responded, prompting Andy to note, “I understand.”

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