The Morning After: Baby on Board

The Morning After: Baby on Board

Miss last night's 9 By Design? Catch up with the Novogratz clan here.

By Melanie Caselas


What do you get when you add one new baby, two household moves, and one shark fin desk? Let's do the math.

The Novogratz family covered a lot of ground last night on 9 by Design. Yes, you counted correctly. The family completed two moves with their seven children in last night's episode. From a remodel home to a temporary space to an entirely new space, it's no wonder the children have had trouble remembering their address in the past.

After a final "funny photo" shoot in their most recent design, Courtney went into labor two weeks early and we welcomed Baby Major. Most couples would be way in over their heads with seven children and a live-in project, but Robert and Courtney take on the task with ease. Setting off smoke alarms, and together in (or without) hot water, the Novogratz family seem ready to handle anything.

Even on the first of April, when the team decides to prank Robert, Courtney doesn't crack (much) at the stress of potentially being locked out of the new home. This family has been training for these moments, and Robert and Courtney keep the kids motivated for each new step.

So what was the grand total of the night? Two, yes, count 'em, two stunning, re-designed multi-million dollar homes on the market. Is this what the Novogratz family considers maternity leave?

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