The Morning After: Forget, But Never Forgive

The Morning After: Forget, But Never Forgive

Miss the major drama in last night's Real Housewives of NYC? Get the dish on Alex's bombshell message and more!

By Melanie Caselas


Last night on Real Housewives of NYC, Alex made some major moves in the drama department.

When the news of Bethenny's pregnancy was leaked much too soon by Perez Hilton, it was up to Bethenny and Jason to set things straight with family and frenemies. But before Bethenny could confirm or deny a thing, Jill was on the phone with LuAnn and Sonia reporting the rumor via Google alerts. "I need gossip" she stated, ready to give her Jill Zarin opinion of Bethenny's situation. As we know, Jill likes to do the talking, which was obvious at the Zarin Fabrics television interview, and LuAnn's book event at Bloomingdale's. Should we suggest the obvious? Read LuAnn's book, Jill. It's all about manners.

But manners and tact aren't quite the housewives' best assets. Later admitting that her own issues with Jill fueled the fire, Alex offered to deliver a message to Jill from Bethenny at Ramona's skin care line premiere. (We know parties are the best place for dealing with tension.) Bethenny agreed to Alex's offer, but maybe she didn't think Alex would be so true to her responsibility. Thrown off only a little by a white wine bottle delivery to Ramona from Bethenny, Alex announced that she too had a delivery to make. But this one was for Jill.

What followed was a completely awkward (and per Kelly, "creepy") announcement to the entire group that Bethenny was done with Jill and would like never to see her again. It was a jaw-dropping moment in NYC history. Bethenny couldn't have described it better when she said that Alex must have gone in like a solider. Everyone was shocked. Even Ramona who had to ask Alex if she even checked with Simon before dropping that bomb. "She might as well have thrown a drink in my face," said Jill.

Poor Alex. Her attempts to stand up to Jill didn't go over quite as well as she planned. It might have been better if she had asked for some one on one face time. But as she pointed out later, this was the only way Jill was going to really hear what she had to say. She's probably right. We all know how much Jill likes to talk. Her last words last night? "I will never forgive Alex for this." Looks like it's curtains for Jill and Alex.



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