The Morning After: Kathy's Law and Disorder

The Morning After: Kathy's Law and Disorder

How did Kathy fare in her guest role on Law and Order: SVU? Find out in the D-List premiere recap!

By Melanie Caselas


It's [almost] officially summer, and what's a little sunshine without a lot of Kathy Griffin? Without proper SPF, probably just a sunburn. And, well, that's just no fun.

And even though Kathy would probably argue she's an A-Lister's worst burn, after last night's season premiere, we're remembering exactly why we love her: Stand-up, and Maggie, and D-List moments, oh my!

Last night on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, our favorite Emmy eager comedian scored a role on (bom bom) Law & Order: SVU. (Not to be confused with Law & Order: SUV as Maggie would say.)

But even after a faux make-out session with her mother, and acting lessons with Liza Minnelli, Kathy was not her usual confident self. Nerves awry, Kathy got a little choked up in the green room. "Every time they say 'Cut!' I just hear 'You Suck!'," Kathy sobbed.

After a bit of re-focusing and a pep talk from Tom, Kathy made it through her scenes, including an on-screen kiss with Mariska Hargitay. (A kiss that was eventually cut from the episode.) It's okay, Kathy. We know the truth.

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