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The Daily Dish The Singles Project

#TheSinglesProject's Kerry Cassidy Walked Away with a "Special Bond"

We're catching up with the show's alum — and finding out if she's *still* looking for love.

By Jocelyn Vena

They were your Bravo summer fling last year, and this year Emmy voters fell in love with The Singles Project, too. But, what are the brave New York singles up to these days? The Daily Dish is checking back to find out.

OnceThe Singles Project wrapped up last year, fans may have wondered if Upper West Side art consultant Kerry Cassidy ended up riding off into the sunset with her artist beau Tripp. The pair seemed to be be on her way to permanent romance. Heck, they even met each other's moms! So, one year after the season officially ended, we wanted to know if Kerry and Tripp were the picture of romance. "I think Tripp is a great guy and whoever finds him is a lucky girl, however, I only saw him once off camera since the show ended and the only chemistry there is friendship," she revealed to The Daily Dish

Kerry's Mom Spends Some Time With Tripp

And while their romance fizzled, other relationships blossomed for Kerry. "Having gone through such a unique experience together, I will always have a special bond with all of the cast and crew," she said. "I have become especially good friends with my fellow cast mate, Tabasum. Having my aunt, my mom, and my friends, Megan and Taylor, on the show also allowed for a rare shared experience that brought us even closer."

It was an experience that also taught the single a new approach to dating. "Being on the show forced me to expose myself to new people and new experiences; as the season progressed, so did my comfort with the uncomfortable," she said. "The show helped me to become more patient and more gracious in the face of ambiguity; this is evident in my current approach to dating."

And that was, of course, determined by the folks who watched the show. "I am grateful to everyone who watched The Singles Project and contributed via social media," she said. "Finding common ground and interacting with a diverse viewership was perhaps the most interesting and rewarding part of the show. While it can be challenging to be critiqued by the public, you need to let people have their opinions; something I have learned in the past and which I practiced during TSP. People will create versions of you based on many things, often the least of which is fact; you have to practice letting that go. It is an exorbitant waste of time trying to correct every false rumor and make everyone like you. You have to accept that deserved or not, some people will dislike you. Make peace, be strong, and try to do the next right thing."

The show not only shifted her views on romance, but also on how she lives her life in general. "In the past year I have been most surprised by the numbers and types of people that were fans of the show," she said. "I am surprised by how much I miss the sheer chaos of ‘real-time’ filming and seeing the cast and crew. I am perhaps most importantly surprised by how much I was able to learn about myself and about dating. Since the show I have opened myself up to new experiences in all aspects of my life."

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