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The Daily Dish The Singles Project

#TheSinglesProject's Tabasum Needed to "Put That Chapter to Rest"

We're catching up with the NYC-based dermatologist to find out where she stands in her love life.

By Jocelyn Vena

They were your Bravo summer fling last year, and this year Emmy voters fell in love with The Singles Project, too. But, what are the brave New York singles up to these days? The Daily Dish is checking back to find out.

When fans met Dr. Tabasum Mir last year, she was a successful dermatologist looking to add love to her life. Over the course of the series, like for all the singles, that feat proved hard to conquer. But as The Singles Project wrapped, it looked like this doctor had found love with a Brit named Vincent. In fact, he was even her date to her 42nd birthday party in the finale. 

"I never saw him again after my birthday," she said. "And I think it was a combination of him being freaked out by the cameras, and me being kind of over dating for little bit. I did however run into Alex, who was the Russian, at a party and he was extremely cool and polite to me and actually gave me his number, but I never called. I just need to put that chapter to rest." 

While things didn't work out with Vincent, Tabasum was able to connect with others: the people who watched the show. "I still get so surprised when I'm in a different city and someone is looking at me strange and then tell me they know who I am. [Laughs.] It's happened to me in different countries also," she said. "It's insane! And people still tweet me asking about if I found love, and questions from the show."

Extended Scene: The Best Part of the Show

Being a part of such a life-changing experience like The Singles Project did make Tabasum shift her dating focus for a little bit. "Honestly, after the camera stopped rolling I think I had some PTSD with dating. I had never been happier to be single and not to have to go on a date!" she revealed. "Before the show started I did hope I meet someone cool. And I was a little disappointed that I didn’t click with anyone. But I had such an amazing experience and so many amazing things have happened because of the show."

And once she was ready to return on the scene, she had some lessons to take with her. "Nothing is as scary in real life as dating on TV with a million people watching you and commenting on your every move," she said. "We were really put under a microscope and everything we did or said was dissected and analyzed. So now in real life, I’m not scared to communicate... that was the biggest thing. People in real life can just ignore or not talk about something that bothers them. We had to be direct on TV and that has permeated into my real life."

So has her on-screen relationships with the other singles. "Kerry [Cassidy] has been a great friend, we text all the time and see each other a lot," she said. "She is truly super funny, really smart and loyal friend. I still show Ericka [Pittman] love on social media. Lee [Gause] still sends invites to us all for parties, and Brian [Trunzo] fell off the face of the earth. [Laughs.]"

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