The #WWHL Hangover: Camille Grammer Talks Co-Parenting

The #WWHL Hangover: Camille Grammer Talks Co-Parenting

It hasn't been easy.

By Nicki Gostin


Camille Grammer joined Andy last night in the Clubhouse and showed off some of those dance moves from her MTV days. The now ex-Housewife admitted to us that she's, "conflicted" about leaving. 

"It's going to be sad," she said apres Andy. "I'm going to miss the girls and the production team and being a part of it but I needed to take a break from the drama. I have enough drama in my personal life."

The drama in Camille's personal life is of course her ongoing battles with ex-husband Kelsey Grammar who refuses direct communication which as she divulged on WWHL makes parenting their two kids very difficult.

Camille is still seeing "The Greek," aka Dimitri Charalambopoulous, but perhaps not as much as before.

"He's back in Dallas so I don't see him as much anymore," she confessed. "He has a son and that's his priority. I understand that. It works for us. I'm not ready to get married, I'm in no rush to to walk down the aisle!"

And who can blame her? After all dealing with your marriage imploding on a reality show does not look like a fun experience.

"It was very difficult dealing with it publicly on a reality show," she said, "Divorce is hard enough without doing it on a show for the public to scrutinize every move. It felt like it was completely surreal and wished there was a book with guidelines. I was devastated."

Yet, thankfully, Camille has come out the other side.

"It was a very humbling experience and yet it gives you strength," the mom of two said. "I needed to grow. I've matured a lot and I'm still healing and growing."


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