The #WWHL Hangover with Tate Donovan

The #WWHL Hangover with Tate Donovan

The Argo star revals which role should have gotten his SAG card revoked.

By Nicki Gostin


So, what did Tate Donovan really think about Andy Cohen and the Watch What Happens: Live crew dredging up a clip of the 1985 TV movie, Not My Kid, where Tate portrays an angry pot dealer?

“That was so funny,” he told us in a chat apres show. “I haven’t seen it in like 30 years. I thought it was hysterical to see how really bad I was. It’s amazing my SAG card wasn’t revoked.”

The 49-year-old actor has had a long career and gets recognized for lots of different things, and, not surprisingly, it's usually age-dependent.

“30 and 40-somethings, it’s Friends or Love Potion No. 9, if they’re 20-something it’s The O.C, and if they’re really well-educated people, then it’s Damages," he explains.

He’s also getting recognized for a role in this year’s Best Picture, Argo, which even he admits that it’s strange Ben Affleck failed to snag a Best Director nomination.

“My 87-yearold aunt who lives in Pennsylvania and doesn’t know a single thing about filmmaking came out of that movie and the first thing she said was, ‘That movie was so well directed.’ If she knows it was well directed then the Academy should have known.”

Move over, Ben, though, because Tate's got another man on his mind -- Andy's other Watch What Happens: Live guest that night, Brad Goreski

“Brad is awesome,” he enthuses. “I really do like the way he conducts himself... very positive and light. Plus, his shoes were killer.”

Watch what happened after Tate, Brad, and Andy went off-air in our exclusive After Show:


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