Thomas Ravenel Reveals Whether He'd Ever Marry Kathryn C. Dennis

Thomas Ravenel Reveals Whether He'd Ever Marry Kathryn C. Dennis

Could the former lovebirds ever walk down the aisle?

By Jocelyn Vena

Tensions between Kathryn C. Dennis and Thomas Ravenel definitely cooled on Monday's Southern Charm season finale. And in the process, flirtations heated up. In fact, the events on this week's episode included warm banter, love confessions, and even an alluded-to kiss. Given all that, and the fact that they have two kids together, the question remains: Would Thomas ever marry Kathryn?

"I don't think so i just think, again, I've said this innumerable times, the age difference is so great," he said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday night. "It's like my preacher told me, and he was a sex therapist, 'cause he said, 'Look, things are going great now but in 15 years, you know, how much Viagra am I gonna have to buy?' It's gonna get expensive."

While Thomas tried to downplay their rumored smooch, he did own up to the fact that there is still something between them. "There is; it's palpable," he said.

And for anyone wondering whether the twosome remain in a better place, he confirmed that things are currently good between them, even if he doesn't feel something bigger for them in the future. "My relationship with Kathryn has gotten a lot better," he said. "We communicate. We're civil. We're cordial to each other. There's no animosity."

Check out more from Thomas on WWHL, below.

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