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'Top Chef' Live Chat Play-by-Play: 'Top Chef' Secrets

The Cheftestants cook for the CIA, the Live Chat plans a road trip and Bravo Andy pops out of the mystery box.

As the fourth Top Chef Live Chat kicked off Wednesday night, the room was overflowing with more chatters than ever before! In the few minutes before the show started, most everyone was still buzzing about Kenny's elimination last week and who would carry on as the new crowd favorite. A Quick Poll showed that while a sizable faction (23%) favored Angelo, the big money was on Tiffany who had a whopping 49% of the room in her camp. But for some, old biases held strong, like viewr55 who said, “Yeah, I don't like Angelo either but I think he has the most talent out of the current chefs. But Tiffany is pretty strong too. Personally I'm rooting for Kelly since I've been to her restaurant about 5 times.” It would seem that viewr55 has something of a “5” fetish. Most chatterers agreed that this week's Quickfire challenge was a tough one, like MarcyB who said, “This Quickfire is going to be outrageous, plus the $10k!” West Coast stalwart NJK noticed something a little, um, sticky about Angelo’s food: “Ew sweat in food. Angelo no no.” To which MattyBravo deadpanned “He calls it a white wine reduction sauce, NJK.” As the Cheftestants opened their mystery boxes, Live Chat hosts and self-proclaimed cultural icons MattyBravo and JohnnyBravo asked chatterers, “What was in their mystery box?” The results were mixed, with Fish (20%), Angelo (12%), Twilight Novel (8%), Self Tanner (4%) and Aerosmith Discography (4%) splitting the field. But the poll sent a strong message to the Bravo marketing wonks when a whopping 52% of voters claimed their boxes were full of BravoAndy Bobble Head Dolls. Better get the assembly line rolling, guys! Just listen to MattyBravo's take on the first two polls: “The tribe has spoken: Tiffany is the favorite and the BravoAndy bobble head doll will be this years Christmas must-have.” Tiffany captured the Quickfire, the ten grand, and if possible, even more respect from the chatterers. West Coast party boy Mark remarked “the only reason I would go to Texas would be to go to Tiff's restaurant.” Sherri joined the chorus with “I agree with you Mark. I may have to take a road trip.” And thus an idea was born… “Hop in - the Bravo Van is going on a Live Chat road trip!” yelled MattyBravo who added that everyone should “Please excuse the smell; JohnnyBravo lives in the backseat.” A quick poll showed that 56% of chatterers would take a ride on the Bravo Express but “only if JohnnyBravo showered.” But polls aside, no one seemed to mind Johnny’s stench as the seats filled up faster than you can say Axe Body Spray. Chat room staple and all-around cool dude Burnt Toast threw up his thumb first: “Pick me up MattyB!” Next on-board was Mark “Hehe! MattBravo, do that next season, seriously!” Even JohnnyBravo himself was excited, assuring the crowd that “I hopped in the pool yesterday. I'm good for a week at least!” That sold the lovely and talented EviEAaY who winked and then purred, “I would go even if JohnnyBravo didn't shower, lol.” A live chat love connection? Just make sure to wear a firewall. During the Elimination Challenge, chatterers were all over Angelo, like Carol who said, “Oh my gosh store bought puff pastry, Angelo might be going home.” But some of the chefs in the room stood up for 'ole Angelo, like viewr55 who asked “Angelo's store bought puff pastry vs. Kelly's overcooked rice. What’s the bigger mistake?” or the eternally mysterious “Guest” who said “Why is everyone riding Angelo for not making his own puff? Seriously no one in the industry makes their own.” Maybe not where you're from, Guest, but… wait, where are you from again? 14PacketHacker took it a step further with a modest proposal: “New rule: "if you use frozen puff pasty, you get your head shaved." It was about this time regular East Coast Host Bravo Monica stopped by to visit, taking time away from her raucous birthday celebration (who knew Chippendales had WiFi?) to say hello to a few friends. Birthday wishes rang in from every direction, like when Patty said, “Hey Monica!!! Many happy returns of the day!!” or Burnt Toast who said, “Happy b-day, Monica!!! Thanks for popping in.” But just about the time Alex was told to pack his knives and go, our beloved Bravo Monica had to leave as well, but only for a short while. “Okay guys,” she said “thanks for letting me be an interloper for a few minutes. I'll be back next week!” And so will the Live Chat. So make sure to stop by for a drink, a nosh and a good conversation.
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