Was Brandi Glanville Really Crying on 'WWHL'?

Was Brandi Glanville Really Crying on 'WWHL'?

The 'RHOBH' star explains her awkward breakdown with Jeff Lewis.


On last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Brandi Glanville had an awkward moment with guest Jeff Lewis in front of Andy Cohen. The two had been enjoying playful back-and-forths and innocent insult-throwing when one particular barb from Jeff Lewis made Brandi uncomfortable: he wondered whether one could get an STD by touching her hair.

The quip made Brandi, who reacted by throwing a drink in Jeff's face, uncomfortable and brought her to tears—so much so that she had to turn around from the cameras and take a "quick five." Check out the clip below.

But were those tears for real? Brandi says the whole thing was a joke—an intentional set-up between her and Jeff Lewis to make Andy squirm.

"People Jeff Lewis & I were joking!" she tweeted. "We are good friends !I turned around cuz I couldn't stop laughing we wanted to fool Andy! #wefooledandy" A few minutes later, she posted the following tweet: "Just getting bAck to my hotel—It was just jokes for Andy sake although [Jeff Lewis] might have deserved it !#heartu #1st2foolAndy"

The "trick" may have worked on the host: Andy tweeted "Live TV is real something...." after the show went off-air. A few hours later, he shared, "Now I can't sleep"

Brandi, a frequent visitor to the Clubhouse, has brought plenty of over-the-top moments through the years. Who can forget that one time she made a certain claim about Joanna Krupa's malodorous body part? Watch that moment below.

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