Watch Lisa Vanderpump Grill Andy Cohen

Watch Lisa Vanderpump Grill Andy Cohen

Andy reveals all—including which SUR server he would sleep with.

By Sarv Kreindler


The tables turned on Andy Cohen recently when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump became the interviewer and asked the Watch What Happens Live host the tough questions.

The almost 12-minute interview began when the duo hashed out the last RHOBH reunion with Lisa calling Andy out for being too harsh on her. "I didn't feel you gave me a break. I don't think you made everybody else answer to some of the things that had gone down on my behalf," she said leading Andy to offer her a welcome apology.

Lisa then asked Andy to choose his most cringe-worthy RHOBH reunion moment and Andy had to go with one from the very first season, when Kyle called Kim out for being an alcoholic on the show and Andy then had to address it as "the big elephant in the room." Andy also divulged that though he was fairly certain at last year's reunion that Joyce Giraud would not be asked back, he thought that the portrayal of Carlton Gebbia was maybe a little unfair. "You know she's a PTA mom, we portrayed her with all the sex stuff, and the Wiccan stuff, and that was it. I know there was more to her and I feel like she got an unfair shake," he confessed.

In Andy's personal life department, Lisa got him to spill that he's never had sex with a woman. "I'm a gold star gay," he proudly declared. And when Lisa went ahead and offered Andy a job at SUR, his immediate response was "I wonder who I would sleep with if I had a job at SUR. Because, by the way, I think all those guys are a cocktail away from doing it with a guy." Later on he clarified that he would probably choose to shag Tom Sandoval over Jax Taylor. "He's so pretty," Andy proclaimed, but also spilled that he thinks Jax has already slept with a guy. "I do as well," Lisa agrees. "I feel like Jax, though, has pretty much done it with everybody."

Watch the whole hilarious and revealing interview below.

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