Watch 'SNL'’s “Real Housewives of Disney” Lost Footage!

Watch 'SNL'’s “Real Housewives of Disney” Lost Footage!

Peep extra footage from LiLo’s best skit (in our completely unbiased opinion.)

By Colleen Werthmann

The jury's still out on Lindsay Lohan's stint as recent Saturday Night Live host (OK, and maybe her career in general), but I think we can all agree the show had one very bright spot. Instead of making us yearn to see the grizzled gal as Liz Taylor, everybody’s clamoring for more installments of the utterly fab new Bravo homage sketch, “The Real Housewives of Disney.”

The 'RHOD' bit -- the best sketch of the night by a landslide -- envisions a passel of iconic Disney princesses pitted against one another on a new Bravo spinoff. The setting? a high-drama RH-style “castlewarming party.” 

LiLo (may we call you LiLo?) played Rapunzel (the hostess), joined by Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine. (Taran Killam as a heterosexually-challenged Prince Charming was the icing on the royal cake.)

The Disney ‘Wives diss each others’ fundraisers, looks, marriages, and finances, with Kristen Wiig-as-boozy Cinderella going after Jasmine:  “Jasmine and Aladdin are broke. They used up all their wishes,” whispers the fairytale femme. “I heard they spent their last one on a lap dance!” 


Later, Jasmine, played by Nasim Pedrad, sobs in the foyer with Vanessa Bayer's Snow White: “I had sex with Iago!”

Thanks to the release of footage that didn't make the live show HERE, we get to see trash-talk about Belle’s bad breath, why Mulan wasn’t invited, and who was, um, taking their time in the bathroom -- an unexpected treat for SNL and Bravo addicts alike.

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