Welcome to Top Chef University

Welcome to Top Chef University

Now you can get culinary lessons taught by your favorite cheftestants!

If you're a Top Chef fan or you're just looking to improve on your cookin' skills, look no further. Welcome to Top Chef University, your very own virtual culinary academy!

Launching today, Top Chef University offers over 200 in-depth lessons across 12 courses in an unmatched curriculum that encompasses everything from "Kitchen Basics and Technique" to "Entertaining, Molecular and Advanced Culinary Skills."

Top Chef University, perfect for everyone from experienced foodies to the home cook, is a fraction of the cost of traditional culinary school and provides access to virtual courses 24/7. Along the way, students will be tested on their culinary acumen receiving report cards that track their progress towards their "Top Chef" certification. Interactive features of this ultimate learning experience include webinars with some of the chefs as well as forums where members can post questions to be answered by accomplished and hand-picked experts in the culinary field.

Courses available from Top Chef University are:

* Basics and Techniques

* Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Raw

* Cooking Techniques I: Sauté, Boil, Grill

* Cooking Techniques II: Roast, Braise, Fry, Confit

* Vegetables, Eggs, Dairy, Cheese

* Poultry/Pig

* Beef/Lamb/Offal

* Fish, Seafood

* Pasta Grains, Bread

* Desserts

* Global Cuisine

* Entertaining, Molecular, Advanced Technique

The instructors include some of "Top Chef's" fan favorites and finalists:

* Ariane Duarte, "Top Chef: New York"

* Brian Malarkey, "Top Chef: Miami"

* Carla Hall, Finalist, "Top Chef: New York"

* Chris ‘CJ’ Jacobson, "Top Chef: Miami"

* Dale Levitski, Finalist, "Top Chef: Miami"

* Kevin Gillespie, Finalist and Fan Favorite, "Top Chef: Las Vegas"

* Marcel Vigneron, Finalist, "Top Chef: Los Angeles” * Nikki Cascone, "Top Chef: Chicago"

* Richard Blais, Finalist, "Top Chef: Chicago"

* Spike Mendelsohn, "Top Chef: Chicago"

* Stephanie Izard, Winner and Fan Favorite, "Top Chef: Chicago"

Check it all out HERE, get cookin,' and maybe you can teach us a thing or two. We were looking to brush on our molecular technique anyway...

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