After a Tough Year, Wendy Williams Has Expanded Her Family

After a Tough Year, Wendy Williams Has Expanded Her Family

Meet My Way and Chit Chat!

By Tamara Palmer
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Wendy Williams on Her Recent Heartbreak

With a very public divorce in the wake of her husband having a child with another woman, a stint in a sober living house, and a long absence from her eponymous talk show, Wendy Williams has had the kind of personal year that gets immortalized in a Lifetime movie. But Williams has seemingly turned the page on all the drama by dating again, moving into a fabulous apartment in New York City, and adopting two new members of the family: sister rescue kittens!

“I love them so much,” Williams told her audience on Monday. “They came to the house, we immediately bonded... They are wonderful. I feel like I have such a full life with them. They love each other and they don’t much bother me!”

She named the gray kitty My Way ("as in my life, my way, now," she said), while the black one is called Chit Chat.

"I am breathless with my 5 month old sister shelter rescue kittens," she wrote in an Instagram post. "The 3 of us are total vibes!"

Hey, kittens! Howyoudoin'?

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