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Dog Fights, Flirtations, and More — Everything That Happened on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 1

From dramatic house meetings to dog fur woes, get a recap of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard's first season. 

By Caitlin Schunn

It was the summer vacation of a lifetime — and full of conflict and drama.

How to Watch

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Viewers were introduced in 2023 to a group of friends who gathered in a house on Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, to spend 15 days together having fun, on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. But like most Bravo vacations, things quickly went off the rails.

Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Amir Lancaster, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas, and Alex Tyree will now all return for Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 (catch the first look at the season here!), and we’re taking a look back at everything that happened during this group’s first trip together.

Here's what happened on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 1.

Milo the Dog Causes Fight on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

The arrival of Bria and her emotional support animal, Milo the dachshund, caused the first waves in the summer house during the series premiere. Jasmine, who organized the vacation with her husband, Silas, didn’t expect Bria to bring a plus-one to the home, and complained about his shedding when dog’s hair was found in the sunroom.

The Summer House Marthas Vineyard Season 2 Cast together enjoying a lively scene

There was also conflict when Bria washed towels her dog had used in the same load of laundry as other towels.


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“I think some of the people … overreacted,” Bria said to Distractify in a May 2023 interview. “You know, he didn’t bother anybody, and what’s a vacation home without a pet?”

Bria also told Distractify she had in fact let Jasmine know her dog was coming, contradicting the hostess’ claims.

Will we see Milo again in Season 2? Bria told Distractify Milo will be there, “whether you guys like it or not!”

Who was kicked out of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard?

Both Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres were kicked out.

A new guest arrived during Episode 2: Phil Brooks. He immediately started to stir the pot by trying to move Nick’s possessions out of a room he claimed he already had “dibs” on. He then used Nick’s bathroom … and refused to flush.

“You woke up in the morning, got dressed in whatever outfit that is, and your bright idea was to come to Oak Bluffs, defecate in a toilet, is this real life right now?” Nick asked in the episode.

As the guys asked Phil to just flush the toilet, he refused, causing Amir to declare: “Respect the house, bro! Respect the house!”

Nick Arrington wearing a green sweater in front of a light brown backdrop.

By Episode 3, most of the guys then decided if Phil didn’t go, they were leaving.

“Phil hasn’t even unpacked yet, and he’s already managed to get everyone in the house upset,” Silas said in Episode 3.

They decided to have a house meeting, and after a vote, Silas declared, “Phil has to leave.” But then Bria (who is friends with Phil) brought up her conflict with Mariah Torres after Mariah fought with her over dog towels mixed into the laundry, and claimed she assaulted her.

“My friend’s gotta go? Jasmine’s friend’s gotta go! Out the door!” Bria said.

The group agreed it was grounds for eviction from the house, and decided Mariah was leaving as well as Phil.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Cast Fights Over Guests

Bria was in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Simon Marco, who lives in Germany, when she joined the summer house.

The group didn’t have the best opinions of Simon, as he was called a “sugar daddy.”

“I just laughed,” Simon told Reality Tea of hearing about the nickname. “One thing which I value the most about Bria is that she always keeps it real and never has any bad intentions and loves me unconditionally.”

By Episode 4, she asked hostess Jasmine if he could visit the house the last week of the vacation. Although Jasmine and Silas initially agreed, there was confusion over how long the visit really would be, causing a feud between Silas and Bria. The house even voted on new rules, declaring significant others can only stay for three days. 

Bria Fleming wearing an off the shoulder white dress in front of a light brown backdrop

But by Episode 5, Simon arrived bearing gifts, including new his-and-hers Versace watches for Silas and Jasmine as a peace offering.

Simon was asked by Reality Tea if he successfully changed the group’s opinions of him when he arrived, to which he replied, “Absolutely! My arrival and the reception I got was nothing like I expected. Everyone welcomed me very warmly and were all nice to me.”

Bria is still in a long-distance relationship with Simon for Season 2, so will he make another trip to the Vineyard? We’ll have to see.

Jordan and Amir's Relationship on Summer House: Martha's Vineyar

Upon meeting Jordan in the series premiere, Amir declared her “absolutely stunning,” but his efforts to get to know her better were put to the test as Jordan declared she was single and not dating anyone. Alex, Nick, and Amir all were interested in Jordan, and despite Amir doing everything he could think of to woo Jordan, including kayaking dates and strip teases, she put him in the friend zone.

“Out of everyone, my friendship with Amir has blossomed the most during our time in Martha’s Vineyard,” Jordan said on the Season 1 finale. “And I would say he’s now one of my very close friends.”

On the June 25, 2023 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jordan admitted she can now see a “slight romantic possibility” between her and Amir, and Andy pointed out the two would make a cute couple.

But, it seems Amir has since moved on from Jordan. At BravoCon 2023 in November, he hinted an engagement might be in the future for him and his girlfriend, Natalie, when he said, “I’m currently working on saving for a nice rock.”

Jasmine and Silas hit a rough patch before announcing big news

Although Jasmine and Silas were newlyweds on Season 1, many viewers believed they saw cracks in their relationship on the first trip to Martha’s Vineyard. When they left the vacation, Jasmine announced the two were going to see a couples therapist when they returned to New York, and said of her marriage, “It’s gonna be a lot of work.”

Jasmine Ellis Cooper with her husband, Silas Cooper, celebrate Christmas together in front of a Christmas tree.

“Single Jasmine is more free, and married Jasmine walks on egg shells, I would say, in a nice, respectful way,” Bria said to US Weekly in June 2023.

Silas was labeled “controlling” by some on the trip, but Silas told US Weekly he’s “grown” since that trip.

“I think one thing I’ve learned about myself is that routines have worked for me. Structure has worked for me…and sometimes I’m not as flexible and I can own that,” he told US Weekly in an interview.

Although Jasmine is returning for Season 2, she’ll be without her husband, as he is serving overseas in the U.S. military. She also announced a surprise at BravoCon 2023: The couple is expecting their first child together, a son.

“My ‘mom-era’ is loading, and my heart is so full right now,” Jasmine wrote in the social media announcement. “Silas and I will be welcoming Baby Cooper [in] February 2024.”

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, March 24 at 9/8c and the next day on Peacock.

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