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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Is Jordan Emanuel Still Friends with the Winter House Cast? Well ... Not All of Them

Catch up on where Jordan stands with the rest of the Winter House crew ahead of the Season 2 premiere of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard.

By Jax Miller

It might have been chilly in Steamboat, Colorado, but Jordan Emanuel is sure to raise the summer heat for her return to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, premiering Sunday, March 24, 2024,at 9/8c on Bravo.

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During the off-season following Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’s debut season, Jordan joined a handful of Bravolebrities for the third season of Winter House. If you’re wondering if the potato-loving D.J. still keeps in touch with those she met in the snowy ski town, you’ve come to the right place.

Here's who Jordan Emanuel keeps in touch with from Winter House.

Are Jordan Emanuel and Amanda Batula friends?

Yes, they are! Things are looking good for Jordan and Summer House’s Amanda Batula. Both sat for the Chicks in the Office podcast in December 2023 to discuss their time together. The women said they hadn’t met before Winter House, outside a few dinners in passing, and Amanda showed up late to the season due to contracting a virus.

“I walked in, and I just remember looking at you; you had no makeup on, and I just pulled you aside and was like, ‘You are so beautiful,’” Amanda told Jordan on the podcast.

Amanda Batula wearing a white floral top in front of a pool

During the filming of Winter House, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard had yet to debut. But both made a lasting impression on one another, as seen in one of Amanda’s Instagram posts from June 2023.

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“We came, we saw, we partied till they made us leave,” Amanda captioned with a photo of her and Jordan. “Thanks for an epic evening [Jordan]; you’re one of the few I’d leave my couch AND miss part 3 of the VPR [Vanderpump Rules] reunion for.”

Are Brian Benni and Jordan Emanuel friends?

Yes, they still seem to be on good terms.

Jordan might have hilariously dodged a kiss from Family Karmas Brian Benni in the Winter House Season 3 premiere, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the friend zone throughout the season.

Brian Benni sitting on the Watch What Happens stage as a guest.

At BravoCon 2023, Jordan surprised Brian by joining audience members for a live Q&A, asking Brian about their “hallway moment” and how it might have helped Brian elevate his game.

“What I learned from that is sometimes less is more, so maybe don’t come in too hot,” said Brian. “But, as I digress, I think it worked because towards the end, I think we had some great moments.”

“Sure,” Jordan awkwardly responded before Brian playfully flicked Jordan the bird.

Is Kyle Cooke friends with Jordan Emanuel?

Yes, they still seem to be on good terms.

Looking back, Jordan said Amanda's hubby, Summer House’s Kyle Cooke, welcomed her to Winter House with open arms, per the aforementioned Chicks in the Office podcast.

“I feel like Kyle and I had a very hilarious friendship that I wish they showed more of,” said Jordan. “He definitely welcomed me with open arms, and any time there was something that was going on, he’d check in with me.”

According to Amanda, Kyle and Jordan share a love of music, with Kyle being “jealous” of Jordan’s She joked that her husband never let Jordan pick the playlists.

“Still doesn’t,” Jordan laughed. “Still doesn’t.”

Kyle Cooke in front of a green backdrop

On December 19, 2023, Jordan posted a wild video of the Winter House gang partying it up in Steamboat, Colorado, with both her and Kyle in on the fun.

Is Casey Craig friends with Jordan Emanuel?

Jordan and new Winter House cast member Casey Craig sizzled on the red carpet at BravoCon 2023 — just a few episodes into Winter House Season 3 — both promising viewers some “spice of drama” in the ensuing episodes while discussing their time on the show.

Of course, fans had yet to see the pair get “weird ‘n’ wild” when dressed like pirates for one of many parties the Winter House vacationers had, as featured on Casey’s Instagram page.

It’s unclear if the pair have kept in touch since filming, but there is nothing out there to suggest any bumps in their relationship.

Casey Craig wearing a black and white, tweed, mini dress in front of a step and repeat at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

Is Katie Flood friends with Jordan Emanuel?

Yes, they are!

In November 2023, as Winter House continued airing, Jordan joined Below Deck Mediterraneans Katie Flood and Malia White on their 30, Flirty, and Flying podcast to discuss Winter House Season 3, Episode 3. Katie asked Jordan about the significant differences between filming Winter House and Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.

Katie Flood wearing a, crystal-embellished, 3 piece set in front of a step and repeat at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

“It’s similar in the layout. Like, we’re there for two and a half weeks, we don’t leave, we don’t leave,” said Jordan. “Martha’s Vineyard is super tiny, similar to how I think Steamboat is, so it’s us and the locals, basically.”

Jordan added things got “a little bit more intense” on Martha’s Vineyard on account of the group’s collective history with one another.

In December 2023, Jordan, Katie, and fellow Winter House castmate Alex Propson (from Below Deck Sailing Yacht) took over the Clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and a fun time was had by all.

Is Kory Keefer friends with Jordan Emanuel?

There might have been a moment when Jordan crushed on Kory Keefer, but it came when he was less than forthcoming about his “situationship” status with Sam Feher. For this reason, Jordan said an “arrogant” Kory would have much to answer for at the Winter House reunion.

She also said that, between Alex and Kory, the latter gave more f-ck-boy vibes.

Split of Sam Feher at Bravocon 2023 and Kory Keefer at Watch What Happens Live

In January 2024, Kory told Page Six that Sam broke things off back in December after watching him flirt with his female costars — primarily Jordan and Malia — on Winter House, adding he was “sorry” for hurting Sam.

“Navigating any relationship is difficult, and doing it on TV and in the public eye is next level,” Kory told the outlet. “But I take full responsibility for how I acted on Winter House. It kills me to look back and see how my actions hurt Sam. I’m so sorry for that. I made this winter very difficult for her.”

Are Danielle Olivera and Jordan Emanuel friends?

The two seem to now be on good terms, but were not before.

Jordan found herself at the center of a love triangle between Alex and Summer House’s Danielle Olivera. During the Winter House reunion, Danielle accused Alex of “incessantly flirting” with Jordan.

Danielle added she was “disappointed” that, despite her and Alex hooking up, Jordan didn’t feel she was being disrespectful by flirting back with Alex.

“I didn’t like what I saw, and having watched it back, I still don’t like what I saw,” Danielle said at the reunion. “But at the end of the day, I value our friendship over a guy situation.”

On February 7, 2024, Danielle posted a photo of herself, Alex, Jordan, and Summer House’s Chris Leoni at a Manhattan movie theater. It suggested the pair's friendship was back on track.

Danielle Olivera, Jordan Emmanuel, Chris Leoni, and Alex Propson sitting at a movie theater.

Are Alex Propson and Jordan Emanuel friends?

Alex found himself in some hot water when pressed between Jordan and Danielle, but he had a lot of great things to say about Jordan on the aforementioned episode of WWHL. He named Jordan as having a lot of wonderful attributes, including her “effervescent beauty,” which struck him the most, and having a better sense of style than Danielle.

In November 2023, Jordan and Danielle sat for WWHL, where Jordan called Alex the thirstiest person on Winter House. But it doesn’t seem to impede their ongoing friendship, and, as mentioned above, Jordan and the Captain were looking happy and casual at the movies on Feb. 7, 2024.

A split of Danielle Olivera, Jordan Emmanuel, and Alex Propson.

Are Tom Schwartz and Jordan Emanuel friends?

Jordan fondly remembers her time with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz, which she talked about on the Page Six podcast, Virtual Reali-Tea, in June 2023. At the time, the D.J. shut down rumors that she and Tom were romantically linked after the pair were spotted at a New York City bar in April following Tom’s appearance on WWHL.

“We are 100 percent friendly,” Jordan clarified. “We just bond over music, or when I have a new set, I’ll send it to him.”

She added, “I love him; he’s just so sweet.”

The interview came at the height of the explosive cheating scandal involving Tom’s Vanderpump Rules costars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. Winter House fans will recall Tom’s apprehension during filming in Colorado and his back-and-forth trip to attend the Vanderpump Rules  reunion.

Tom Schwartz clasps his hands as he sits for a VPR aftershow interview.

“I fully encourage [Tom Schwartz] to be more sturdy in what it is that is best for him,” Jordan told Page Six. “I think that he spends too much time people-pleasing and trying to satisfy everybody else, and that gets him in a lot of trouble.”

Are Malia White and Jordan Emanuel friends?

Jordan and Malia certainly had a lot of fun on Winter House, which accounts for their friendship continuing strong today, as discussed on the 30, Flirty, and Flying podcast.

“How much stupid stuff we got up to at night while drinking,” Malia told Jordan. “I think the audience gets it, but we just truly had so much fun.”

Malia White smiling in front of a vineyard in Portland, Oregon.

Jordan said her time with Malia and Katie was “really fun,” even though Jordan and Malia both crushed on Kory during their time in Steamboat.

Jordan clarified later in the season that her feelings for Kory “expired.”

“I loved how much I’ve gotten to have you guys meet each other; I love how much we’ve seen each other since airing,” said Jordan. “Hopefully that continues.”

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’s Season 2 has a super-sized premiere airing Sunday, March 24, 2024, at 9/8c on Bravo, with episodes available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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